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Why EvenMix®?

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We Design Our Mixers to be Low Weight

We design and make our mixers, we don't buy the components from overseas.  Our mixer systems were designed by a retired NASA Launch Engineer, Dan.  The entire system was designed in conjunction, to function as a balanced system.  That's why we have the lowest weight and highest control.  We designed it!

We Patented the Only 3D Mixing Blade

We asked paint, chemical, agriculture, food, and industrial companies for issues with mixing.  They had a lot!  Our Engineers solved the problems and designed the EvenMix® Blade.  It was revolutionary and had to be patented.  It mixes in 3D, unlike anything else.

No Vortex with EvenMix®

Our testing found that a vortex leads to air in the mix.  We created a mixing blade that mixes completely without introducing air to your mixture saving you time (no waiting for the bubbles to go out) and money (no de-foaming agent required).  Mix it right the first time!

Industries We Serve - Distillery, Brewery, and Winery

 EvenMix® IBC Tote Mixer Distillery, Brewery, and Winery

Distillers, Brewers, and Wine Makers rely on EvenMix® to effectively circulate their ingredients for three primary benefits:
  • Effective Mixing of Ingredients
  • Even Heat Dispersion
  • Keep Ingredients Circulating and Avoid Settling

You've developed a flavor and process that your customers' love.  You need a repeatable process to produce consistent product with the same taste throughout.  Your customers want to experience your unique product and enjoy the same taste each time.  Mixing is a critical element of the distillery, brewery, or winery process to release the desired flavors in a economical manner.  Proper mixing can improve the product quality and profitability.  At EvenMix® we work to support the art that goes into your product and give the best mixing technology to support your brand.

Types of Mixers

Most distillery, brewery, and winery mixers look like boat props and produce a lot of vertical flow.  These mixers are usually ran at high speeds and produce a deep vortex.  They sheer the product and introduce air into the liquid.  Others are impellers and produce only axial flow (outward horizontal flow).  These mixers don't create much circulation and don't mix much vertically.  Finally, there are pitched blades that have a constant pitch across the blade.  They produce a significant vertical flow and a deep vortex.  They don't accomplish much horizontal mixing and introduce a lot of air into the liquid.

EvenMix® and our patented mixing blades are uniquely designed for distilling, brewing, and wine making since we provide a low sheer (we don't chop and blend the inputs we give them movement).  Our blade design creates a 3D circulation around the entire tank or vessel.  Our mixing blades create circulation down and then out creating a cycling motion from bottom to top and inside to out.  We used a NASA Engineer to design the optimum flow pattern for liquids to give you the best results.  Notice that EvenMix® blades have a variable pitch.  They begin at 90 degrees and bend gradually to 30 degrees at the end of the mixing blade.  This variable pitch is the patented feature and creates circulation without high speed, a vortex, or sheer which are all undesirable outcomes when mixing.

EvenMix® Blade Design
EvenMix® Blade Design

The Stainless Steel 316 food grade components make cleanup a breeze and are easy to keep from interfering with heating coils and other elements of the tanks.  The EvenMix® mixers are easy to integrate with Tri-Clamp Fittings.  EvenMix® turns at 140 RPM which keeps the circulation gentle but effective.  We pump down to mix and blend the contents and clear the bottom of the vessel.

We have integrated our mixers into still's, plastic IBC's, drum's, stainless steel IBC's, all types of containers up to 1,500 gallons.  We can interface with NPT openings, flanges, Tri-Clamp Fittings, and many others.  Just call us to discuss your application at 440-236-6677.  Check out our online store to see the EvenMix® mixing system with both air and electric driven mixers.  Each mixing system has our patented mixing blades.