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IBC Mixers

The Even Mix™ mixing system for IBCs and standard mixing containers is a lightweight, easy to handle and reliable system whose design starts begin with an integrated approach to the IBC mixing system.



The Even Mix™ drum mixer is designed to provide an even mix of material throughout a drum. Our drum mixer has been tested against various industry leading drum mixers. Result: The Even Mix™ drum mixer has the best performance!

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Electric Drive Mixer

Even Mix™ Electric Motor uses 110 V AC input, is variable speed and only consumes 4 amps. It weighs only 10 pounds and is Powerful enough to mix liquids up to 50,000 cps. It’s a geared motor and has a top speed of 160 rpm.

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Air Drive Mixer

Even Mix™ Air Motor consumes 15 CFM @ 90 psi and has a top speed of 160 RPM. It’s a powerful geared air motor that will mix light or heavy liquids (tested up to 50,000 cps). It’s incredibly light (and easy to move around) at 7 pounds and but built to last.