October 26, 2020

Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve – Depend on Results

  • Distilleries, Breweries, and Wine Makers – Mixing is critically important to insure a homogeneous mix of ingredients, create uniform heat dispersion, and keep ingredients from settling.  Our mixing systems don’t sheer (cut and chop), don’t introduce air into the mix, and create circulation to insure even ingredient mixture.  Learn more on our industry specific page.
  • Agriculture and Growers – Mixing is a way of life to evenly disperse fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, and nutrients vital to the soil and waterways that feed your crops.  Pumps don’t mix very well or efficiently.  Use pumps for their intended purpose and let Even Mix™ do its intended work.  We were made for this.
  • Water Treatment – Through the use of our air and electric motors our customers are able to keep chemicals and solutions that needs to remain mixed and in solution in their proper state.  No seperation or stratification wanted and Even Mix™ makes sure that none exist.  Whether it’s Lime or other solutions, let Even Mix™ help you keep things mixed, no mater the size of the container.
  • Ink Paint and Coatings – Often materials in paint such as metal fleck need agitation to insure that they remain in suspension; however air in the mix isn’t desirable.  A mixer that keeps the contents homogeneous and without introducing air fills the ticket.  Even Mix™ is designed for your mixing with a unique patented blade.
  • Lawn and Tree Fertilizer – Whether you’re keeping solids in a solution or mixing liquid chemicals together in the field or back at your shop you need an efficient mixer that will get a complete mix every time.  Even Mix™ creates and maintains a homogenous mix in all areas of the container no matter if it is a 55 gallon drum, IBC, nurse tank, or open tank.
  • Polymer Adhesive and Resin – The job often demands keeping an adhesive mixed or mixing die coloring into an adhesive.  Even Mix™ has experience in your industry working with Lithography departments to deliver consistent results.  You can mix within a closed head drum which saves you time and money.  No need to open a drum lid to mix.  Just open the 2″ bung and use the Even Mix™ drum mixer.  It’s easy and cost effective.  NASA know how created our patented mixing blade for you.
  • Oil Gas and Mining – Whether you are down hole or on the surface you need consistent performance from your equipment in a rugged environment.  Other mixers are large and complex.  Even Mix™ works well due to it’s sturdy design and low weight.  Safety is paramount and Even Mix™ keeps you safe with our Air Drive Mixer.
  • Personal Care and CBD – The CBD industry has grown significantly into the personal care space.  Even Mix™ has helped several small shops with mixing in small batches as they develop their product line and processes.  With stainless steel 316 materials Even Mix™ is food grade non-reactive and let’s your ingredients be themselves.
  • Chemicals – Whether you need small batch processes or need to keep your product in solution without separating out, Even Mix™ can help you achieve product consistency.  All of our wetted parts are Stainless Steel 316 which is the non-reactive standard.  We also use nylon for all plastic parts for its non-reactive qualities.  We have the ability to coat our blades with phenolic epoxy, if requested.

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