Why Even Mix™?

Low Weight Mixers

Better engineering has our air powered mixer at 9 pounds and our electric powered mixer at 12 pounds. Most mixers weigh between 25 and 100 pounds. Make it easy on your employees and avoid safety issues.

3D Mixing

Even Mix™ has a unique patented mixing blade design that mixes in 3D. We mix all the corners of a container and mix the entire container quickly and easily. Our mixers pump down to get into all corners.

Durable Performance

Built tough in the USA. We designed our mixing systems tough and make them in Cleveland. No imports. We get the job done right every time. Don’t settle for cheap Chinese components. Buy American made.

Compare Even Mix™ to Other Mixers

We Design Our Mixers to be Low Weight

We design and make our mixers, we don't buy the components from overseas.  Our mixer systems were designed by a retired NASA Launch Engineer, Dan.  The entire system was designed in conjunction, to function as a balanced system.  That's why we have the lowest weight and highest control.  We designed it!

We Patented the Only 3D Mixing Blade

We asked paint, chemical, agriculture, food, and industrial companies for issues with mixing.  They had a lot!  Our Engineers solved the problems and designed the Even Mix™ Blade.  It was revolutionary and had to be patented.  It mixes in 3D, unlike anything else.

No Vortex with Even Mix™

Our testing found that a vortex leads to air in the mix.  We created a mixing blade that mixes completely without introducing air to your mixture saving you time (no waiting for the bubbles to go out) and money (no de-foaming agent required).  Mix it right the first time!

Even Mix™ has Experience with:

Industries We Serve - Lawn and Tree Fertilizer

 Even Mix IBC Tote Mixer Lawn and Tree Fertilizer

How the Even Mix™ Mixer Solved a Seemingly Unsolvable Industrial Mixing Problem?

Lawn and tree fertilizer organic products have become increasingly common in recent years with some formulations inherently being more effective than others. However, one of the issues almost all these products face is during the manufacturing process. Manufacturing organic products are challenging for two main reasons: the first being that ensuring that every batch is consistently effective isn’t easy as some people may assume and the second being that the consistency of each batch depends a great deal on how well it is mixed. 

All organic weed killers, for instance, like the ones sold by Good Nature, requires a homogenous mixture. However, that’s easier said than done because the ingredients will often stick to the sides and bottom of a tote, for instance with a conventional mixer. Furthermore, the larger the batch, the more difficult mixing it can become and the longer it can take. Plus all that effort also translates to more power consumed during the mixing process, which doesn’t make them as environmentally friendly as they ought to be. That’s a problem that our Even Mix™ Mixer solved and here’s how!

NASA Engineer Designed Mixing Blades 

Almost every industrial tote mixer out there uses a set of standard mixing blades which are limited for most use cases. Even when paired with an extremely powerful motor, the blades aren’t able to accomplish much beyond just increasing their RPMs. The problem is their inefficient design that despite the higher RPM, does not result in a homogenous solution. Furthermore, they may compound the problem by injecting air and sheer into the solution. 

Even Mix™ mixers use revolutionary blade design, a design that’s been tested and honed by a former NASA engineer. The newly designed blades can blend all types of lawn and tree fertilizers, and all whilst requiring less power. The mixing blades prevent the contents from sticking to the sides and the bottom of the container resulting in a consistent homogenous solution across every mixed batch.

Even Mix Blade Design

Less Power Consumption and More Ecofriendly 

Gas-powered plants still power a significant part of the country and so the more electricity we can conserve, the better it is for the environment. Fortunately, Even Mix™ tote mixers require far less power as compared to conventional mixers. However, they can achieve much more than regular mixers, which helps improve the bottom line for companies while ensuring Eco-friendliness. 

Lightweight Mixing Ideal for Small Manufacturing Facilities 

The large majority of lawn and tree fertilizers are made in small manufacturing facilities with a limited number of employees. However, when it comes time to mix a large batch of a product, they either need multiple people to hoist the mixer or a forklift, either way, the weight is a problem that requires additional resources. 

The Even Mix™ tote mixers are low weight and easy to hoist, they are so light that anyone can lift them and onto a tote. Not only that but this low weight design is made possible without compromising on speed, efficiency, or power. That’s why Even Mix™ is an excellent choice for small scale manufacturing where resources are limited.