The Even Mix™ Air Motor

The power behind Even Mix™


Even Mix™ IBC Tote Mixers Air Motor

Even Mix™ Air Motor
ARS2L – H070 – EM

Even Mix™ Air Motor will mix even the most viscous liquids with ease!

The Even Mix™ Motor is specially designed to perform a quick connection process. This requires the use of the Even Mix™ Pinless System and Clean Top Accessory. You don’t have to line up the threads and screw the tool into the bung.

Also, you don’t have to attach a spanner bar to keep it from reversing itself. The Even Mix™ Air Motor attaches quickly. It also has a patented “no back” feature that will keep it quick and safe.


  • Air Powered
  • 1/2 HP Motor
  • 16 CFM & 180 RPM


  • Weight – 7 lbs
  • Height – 14″
  • Width – 2.5″


  • Lightweight – Only 7 lbs
  • Powerful – 70 NM (52 Foot Pounds) Torque
  • Reliable – Made in the USA
  • Efficient – Uses only 16 CFM @ 90 psi (industry standard is 30 CFM)
  • Built to couple with a PT132000-SS (IBC mixer) or A55128500SS (55 Gallon Mixer)

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