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Mix Your Content Evenly - Interchangeable mixers and motors.
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IBC Tote Mixers

The Even Mix™ mixing system for IBC Mixers and standard mixing containers is a lightweight, easy to handle and reliable system whose design starts begin with an integrated approach to the IBC mixer system. It can be powered with either Electric or Air motors.



The Even Mix™ drum mixer is a revolution to drum mixing. Our drum mixer provides a 15” folding mixing blade that mixes in 3D. It’s patented by our NASA Scientist. Check it out.

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Electric Motor

Even Mix™ Electric Motor uses 110 V AC input, is variable speed and only consumes 4 amps. It weighs only 10 pounds and is Powerful enough to mix liquids up to 50,000 cps. It’s a geared motor and has a top speed of 160 rpm.

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Air Motor

Even Mix™ Air Motor consumes 15 CFM @ 90 psi and has a top speed of 160 RPM. It’s a powerful geared air motor that will mix light or heavy liquids (tested up to 50,000 cps). It’s incredibly light (and easy to move around) at 7 pounds and but built to last.

Even Mix™ Drum Mixer

Even Mix™ Electric Drive Mixer

Even Mix™ Air Drive Mixer

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Even Mix™

It Is Rocket Science!
3D Mixing Technology

Even Mix™ = Better Bottom Line


Paint and varnish

Dyestuffs and pigments



Chemical Industries


Water treatment chemicals



  • Mixes vertically, horizontally and circumferentially

  • Only 9 pounds! Easy One-Man Operation, No Forklift!

  • The amount of air bubbles mixed into the liquid is minimum

  • Tested Up To 50,000 cps


Even Mix™ Mixers Use Our Newly PATENTED Technology!

Even Mix™ PATENTED Mixing Blades

We always knew that our mixers were special, and now we have legal proof that they are. We officially received a U.S. patent on our proprietary mixing technology!
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