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The EvenMix® Single Blade produces characteristics similar to the EvenMix® Double Blade

The EvenMix® Single Blade is the best in-drum mixing blade on the market. Have a look for yourself in the video below. It shows you the superior mixing performance of the Single Blade!

This product produces a pumping action upward from the bottom blade. This results in an action that both circulates and pumps the product.  You end up with a homogeneous solution within the drum. We designed it to produce uniformity in the solution.

We tested this EvenMix®  blade with a 5,000 centipoise liquid. No stresses appeared on the blade. In addition, we engineered it to withstand 800 inch pounds in torque. It is powder coated to withstand 1,000 hours of salt spray and humidity compared to 500 hours for E-Coating. Plus, the system works with a pin mounted to the bottom of the drum or our patent pending Pinless System!