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Built Tough

Designed and built tough in the USA. We designed our mixing systems and make them in Cleveland. With the help of a NASA engineer, we have been able to perfect our systems to make them the best they can be. We pride ourselves in the durability and power of our mixers.

Low Weight

Our high-quality engineering has our air powered mixer at 9 pounds and our electric powered mixer at 12 pounds. Most mixers on the market weigh between 25 and 100 pounds. Make it easier on your employees and avoid safety issues!

3D Mixing

We asked paint, chemical, agriculture, food, and industrial companies for issues with mixing. They had a lot! Our Engineers solved the problems and designed the EvenMix® Blade. It was good enough to be patented. It mixes in 3D, unlike anything else.

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Tank Mixer Design

The EvenMix® Tank Mixers are designed to be efficient and reliable. Thanks to our patented EvenMix® blades with a variable pitch, your mixtures will consistently circulate and mix.

The EvenMix® Tank mixing systems are used in a number of different industries. Our technology has been perfected to adapt to some of the most tough mixtures.

Our tank mixers come in a number of sizes, depending on the quantity and viscosity of what you are mixing. Even our largest tank mixers at 5,000 gallons are lightweight, always making them easy to work with.

The patented EvenMix® blades on our air or electric geared drives have a variable speed control from 1 to 20 that runs up to 135 rpm. An even mix can be created for mixtures up to 2,000 cps. Make it easier on you and your employees and let our mixers do the work!

With an even mix of your resins or materials throughout an IBC, you can reduce your material inputs and save money. The Mixed Flow Blades are unique in their design and shape. They fold to allow insertion through the 16″ opening while unfolding to mix the contents throughout the tank evenly.

Compare EvenMix® to Our Competitors

Cary Company
Mixer Direct
1 HP Electric
1 HP Electric
1 HP Electric
1 HP Electric
Power Consumed
4.0 Amps Max
Not Available
10 Amps Max
12.8 Amps Max
Weight of Mixing System
12 Pounds
110 Pounds
Not Available
161 Pounds
Size of Blade
16″ Folding
13″ Folding
10″ Propeller
Shape of Blade
Variable Pitch
Standard Pitch
Standard Pitch
Variable Speed Control
Yes – Digital Interface
Separate Unit
Separate Unit
Separate Unit
Lid Mounted
Flange Mounted
Bracket Mounted
Flange Mounted
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EvenMix® Tank Mixers

Yes, It IS Rocket Science!

"The mixing blades work better than anything that we could find – and we’ve tried several!"

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