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EvenMix® Pinless 55 Gallon Drum Mixer is the innovation that the industry has been demanding for years.

The EvenMix® Pinless 55 Gallon Drum Mixer

This drum mixer is exactly what it claims to be - pinless! No more worries about missing pins or mixers rendered useless without them, thanks to our new system. The industry has waited for this innovation.

Key features of the Pinless 55 Gallon Drum Mixer:
  • No pin - No more leaking drums due to pin welds, and no more broken pins that leave the mixer useless.
  • No contamination - A nylon top and bottom avoid metal-on-metal contact protecting your mixture from metal contaminants.
  • Flexible - It works with any funnel type fitting for the center bung.
  • Versatile - It can be used in lined drums and plastic drums.
  • Adaptable - The pinless system can be used with any new or reconditioned metal or plastic drums (no need for the pin at the bottom).
  • Performance - This system produces the same superior mixing performance with either the EvenMix® Double Blade or Single Blade Drum Mixer.
  • Construction - The fittings are made from nylon, which provides a superior bearing surface that will not react with paint or chemicals