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about evenmix™

Our Most Recent Innovation is Even Mix™

With Even Mix™, we have used aerospace engineering techniques to design pump technology into our variable pitch blades, bringing true mixing technology to in-drum liquids. We have also brought a system that allows the installation and use of mixing blades that don’t require a pin to be installed on the bottom of the drum, which creates options for our customers to use drum liners and install the mixing blades into plastic drums.


Superior Mixing


Cost Effective

We Combined Our Skills

Special Metal Stamping is primarily a metal stamping, forming, welding, painting, and assembly business, while American Assembly Tools designs and manufactures industry-leading high torque and high-speed pneumatic nut runners. Special Metal Stamping’s abilities are primarily used for the Even Mix™ mixers, while American Assembly Tools’ air motor technology is used for Even Mix™ motors to provide efficient power to normal applications as well as those that demand non-explosive power.

We are proud of our work

All manufacturing operations are performed in the USA. We are dedicated to manufacturing in the USA.

Even Mix Core Values