Lid Mixer With Air Motor combines the mixing action of Even Mix™ with the power of American Assembly Tools

The Even Mix™ drum lid mixer is designed to provide an even mix of material throughout a drum. In addition, this Even Mix™ System is an outstanding value since it offers superior mixing performance.

We tested the drum lid mixer against various industry leading drum lid mixers. Result: The Even Mix™ drum mixer has the best performance!

The Even Mix™ System has a broad range of usages including powders, liquids, slurries, or viscous materials. We manufacture drum mixers including 55 gallon drum mixers.

The Even Mix™ drum lid mixer with Air Motor has the power to mix even the thickest liquids. Also, it handles a wide range of products up to 50,000 cps, as thick as peanut butter, with ease. Strategically placed mixing blades create both vertical and horizontal flow patterns. The results are superior mixing performance, as demonstrated in a range of rigorous, industry tests.

Our drum lid mixers work in 1 gallon to 55 gallon drums. These barrel mixers can be used to agitate low to high viscous material. The Even Mix™ drum lid mixer is ideal for laboratory or industry use. This is in addition to plastic pails, drums or barrels, 55 gallon drums, totes, IBCs and custom built mixing vessels. The mixer has 0.63 HP and will produce 387 RPM with 80 psi.

Thanks to the superior engineering of the Even Mix™ blade design, 0.63 HP is all you need to mix your high viscosity liquids. Our mixer has 2 props: the bottom blade measures 15 inches across and the top measures 8 inches across. It has the best mixing characteristics as it produces a pumping action upward from the bottom blade and pumps down with the top blade. Together, the two produce a circulating pumping action that produces a homogeneous solution within the drum.