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A Revolutionary Drum Mixer – The EvenMix® Pinless System

When we introduced our EvenMix® mixing blades to the world, they were groundbreaking pieces of equipment, as not only can they evenly mix the content in a drum, but they also reduced cycle time. Though the old adage goes “Don’t fix something if it isn’t broken,” we feel there is always room for improvement on automation equipment. And that’s what we’ve continued to do with our pinless system: a revolutionary drum mixer!

Whatever the contents inside a drum may be, we know that having a proper drum mixer is important to ensure those contents are properly mixed. The bottom of any drum or barrel is quickly and completely cleaned with EvenMix®’s Pinless Mixing Blade.

While having a pin at the bottom of the barrel is needed for some components that call for drum mixers, this revolutionary new system not only has the same superior mixing performance as our Single Blade Drum Mixers and Double Blade Drum Mixers do, but the pinless system we’ve created is the answer to even the peskiest of problems you may have with a drum mixer, such as a pin leak or a broken pin at the bottom of a drum — neither of which you’ll have with any EvenMix® product.

What makes our pinless mixing blade beneficial for the contents of your drum? The first pinless system of its kind for drum mixers, the EvenMix® Pinless System is the first in-drum mixer to not require a bottom-mounted pin in a drum. As well as this, our pinless system can be used in any drum; the pinless mixing blade can be used in lined drums and plastic drums, among others, as it has a nylon fitting that allows for no metal-on-metal contamination in any drum or barrel.

The benefits of this pinless drum mixer from EvenMix® don’t end there. With a nylon fitting to hold the mixing blade in place, it not only acts as a bearing for smooth operation, but it also holds the half-inch square drive in place. The corresponding square input is an advantage because not only does it fit into existing drive motors, but it is also especially designed as a quick attachment to the EvenMix® Air Motor. Plus, did we mention this pinless mixing blade is easy to install? It only takes second to install into your drum or barrel, and once it’s installed, it’s set to go! After installation, you’ll be putting this advanced pinless mixing blade technology to work being able to blend components or clean drums smoothly much more quickly than you were before with pinned systems.

The EvenMix® Pinless System

Though we don’t like to brag, we feel our new piece of equipment with the EvenMix® Pinless System will change the way people look at drum mixers. Just as groundbreaking as our mixing blades, the pinless system we’ve created can be used in lined drums and plastic drums, and works with any funnel type to accommodate drum mixers. Tired of the same old mixing blades on the market that aren’t helping you accomplish any drum mixing properly? You now have a clear solution with the EvenMix® Pinless System.

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