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Paint mixing technology has come a long way in recent years, with brands like EvenMix® leading the innovation. In this case study, we look at how EvenMix® enabled companies to save a significant amount of money by revitalizing paint that had been sitting idle for years.

Innovative Applications of the EvenMix® IBC Tote Mixer

When paints are left untouched for extended periods, they tend to lose their original consistency and quality. The bottom of the paint totes usually becomes mucky and thick, making it incredibly challenging to restore the paint to a usable state. Our recent case study involved mixing eight totes of paint that had been untouched for two long years.

AJ, who owns a competitor’s mixer, had the opportunity to see the superiority of our tote mixer first-hand. For him, EvenMix® emerged as the standout product compared with other brands he’s familiar with, describing it as “revolutionary.”

EvenMix® excels in mixing stubborn substances like acrylic or latex paints. Its lightweight design, high efficiency, and impressive RPM set it apart from its competitors. Additionally, our mixers are designed with the end user’s safety and comfort in mind, ensuring no paint splatters during the mixing process — an innovation that proved instrumental in rescuing AJ’s two-year-old paint. The result was significant cost savings, saving AJ from potentially spending thousands of dollars to dispose of the unusable paint.

One of the standout features of EvenMix® was its seamless interaction with the paint. Our mixer blends into the paint effortlessly, completely eliminating the need for users to reach into the tote to adjust or open the blades. This user-friendly feature allows a single-handed setup, making the mixing process more streamlined and efficient.

A Revolutionary Solution: Mixing 2-Year-Old Paint with EvenMix®

EvenMix® vs. Other Tote Mixers: A Hands-On Comparison

When comparing EvenMix® with other mixers on the market, the results were exceptionally clear. EvenMix® outperforms its competitors due to its lightweight design and robust performance. Its smart design is a stark contrast against the heavy and unwieldy machinery that some competitors offer. AJ, after experiencing the performance of both EvenMix® and other traditional mixers, emphatically noted the tangible difference in weight and overall operation.

The primary takeaway from this detailed comparison is clear — EvenMix® does not just offer a product; it provides a superior experience in performance and usability. Its lightweight design, coupled with its powerful mixing capabilities, firmly establishes its position as the leading choice for large-scale paint mixing operations.

For any firm struggling with massive amounts of paint or looking to revive old, unusable paint, EvenMix® provides a revolutionary and efficient solution. With its ground-breaking design and superior performance, EvenMix® is setting a new standard for what users can expect from their paint mixing technology.

A Revolutionary Solution: Mixing 2-Year-Old Paint with EvenMix®

Unleash the Power of Innovation with EvenMix® Today

If you’re in the market for an industrial mixer that delivers efficiency and versatility, look no further than EvenMix® and our commitment to innovation. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in finding a solution that suits your needs and budget. We are proud of our product line and confident that you’ll be impressed by our mixers’ outstanding performance.

Many clients initially receive our mixers with skepticism, often questioning how a light mixer can outperform their older, conventional ones. The secret lies in our meticulous engineering and design processes. We’ve studied how materials mix to design the perfect blade that ensures thorough mixing, even down to the corners of the tote.

We provide both pneumatic and electric options, ensuring every user can easily handle these exceptional mixers. To learn more about EvenMix® and receive a free, no-obligation quote, give us a call at 440-236-6677 today. Experience the power of innovation with EvenMix® and revolutionize your mixing process.