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We designed the Clean Top Accessory to protect your solution from contamination

Key features:
  • Made from nylon – providing a superior bearing surface that is resistant to reaction with paint or chemicals.
  • No contamination – offering protection from contamination during both the mixing and shipping processes.
  • Ease of use – including a cup designed to catch debris generated from contact between the shaft and motor socket.

This accessory is just what your mixing processes need. We designed it to fit a very specific purpose. The nylon structure is durable and resistant to contamination. Also, the nylon fibers are strong. The clean top can stand up to many different mixing environments. Not all mixing takes place in perfect environmental conditions. This product withstands heat, humidity, cold, and many other situations. It won’t break down due to these conditions. 

We understand that the mixing process can be messy. In addition to offering protection, the cup catches debris created by the mixing process. If you are worried about this debris ending up on your factory floor or in places where it could contaminate other mixtures, then this is what you need. 

Contamination can occur during the shipping process, as well. We designed this EvenMix® accessory for those instances.