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EvenMix® Drum Mixer

Farm animals like chickens, dairy cows, cattle, horses, and pigs sometimes eat a liquid feed mixture. This mixture consists of a number of raw materials, including agricultural products and liquid additives. Items such as vegetable oils, milk and whey, and even molasses go into to these mixtures in order to provide a number of essential vitamins and minerals.

Feed Mixing Issues

Farmers have one major issue when it comes to mixing this feed – it’s rather tricky to combine. Compare it to making cake batter. You can’t just dump all of the ingredients into a mixing bowl and hope for the best. Instead, you need to add everything in a certain order – and those ingredients need to be precisely measured out – and then mix it very carefully.

Depending on the type of animal, the feed can consist of a number of different dry, sticky, and completely liquid ingredients. These bulk components need to be combined well in the right type of drum (usually a 55 gallon one) before they go into storage. Since farmers tend to mix large quantities of the feed at once, because it’s much easier that way, the mixture might separate slightly before the farmer uses it.

Recombining Separated Drums of Feed

Before the liquid feed can be doled out to the animals, it should be remixed. This is particularly true if it’s been stored for quite some time. The liquid parts of it can separate, turning it into something that is unappetizing for the animals, not to mention potentially devoid of the necessary nutrients. That is, a poorly mixed drum of feed can contain an uneven amount of vitamins and minerals – some of the animals might end up with more of these vital components than others, simply because it’s mixed unevenly. You’ll need to recombine everything in the drum before you use it.

Where EvenMix® Comes In

We make a series of drum mixers that will work perfectly to recombine your liquid animal feed. Our pinless drum mixers are available in both single and double blade varieties. Both are very easy to use. Simple fit the mixer into the hole at the top of the drum and turn it on. Before you know it, the entire drum of liquid feed will be perfectly combined and ready for your livestock. Our mixers are designed to combine everything in the drum, even anything that might be lurking at the bottom. This makes them perfect for the job!

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