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DC Motors

There is no right or wrong motor to use, AC or DC motor. Yet, when considering our motors for the EvenMix® mixers, we wanted to consider price as well as the advantages of a modern brushless DC motor.  The Brushless DC motor has been used for decades in the Aerospace and Robotics industry and a few years ago were introduced into the consumer products business in the very successful Dyson vacuum cleaner Digital motor.

DC Motors
DC Motors

We wanted EvenMix® tote and drum mixers to be lightweight and easy to move from one tank to the other.  Also, we were looking for a robust motor that could handle the job without being super bulky. The Brushless DC motors met those objectives and tend to last longer as they don’t have brushes that wear out. Another great advantage of a DC motor is it can be controlled over a wide range of speeds and torque and constant torque can be provided over a wide variety of speed ranges.


Our DC motors are paired with a gearbox that contains a planetary gear system. These gears are designed to run our EvenMix® mixers with ease and efficiency. Our goal was to offer a tank mixer that was nothing like the others out there on the market. We wanted something robust and would last for years.  But it’s also important they could increase torque and perform with lower RPM speeds, which is the exact demand on our motor. When pairing a DC motor with a gearbox, it slows the shaft speeds down and increases its torque output. This reduction is controlled by the gear reductions and anything lost in the gearing. 

Direct Current Motors (DC Motors)

DC stands for direct current, and AC is alternating current, which is the two most common motor styles. DC motors, in general, have a low torque unless paired with a gearbox, which we accomplish with our EvenMix® motors. Allowing better torque with less power. This makes our motors energy efficient too! 

Gear motors provide DC motors more power. They are used in Cranes as well as clocks and our EvenMix® pail, tote and drum mixers. A great example of this is inside a clock. The gears of a clock need to slow the speed of the motor down with a series of larger gears. Similar in crane operation. A series of gears slow down the motor and increases the torque; allowing the crane to pick up weighty objects without breaking. It increases the crane’s torque and decreases its speed.

Our motor system is lightweight as well. As we expect people to move it from the tank to tank, we didn’t want to produce a mixer that is cumbersome and difficult to handle. That’s why keeping it lightweight and easy to move for just about anyone was essential to us. 

Our mixer system weighs just 12 lbs including all the gears and everything inside. It’s made for a wide range of speed and torque and is very dependable. Our goal was to make a mixing motor that would produce the best results on the market. EvenMix®  mixers are a tank mixer like no other tank mixer on the market. With a patented design mixing blade in combination with this fantastic DC motor system, you cannot go wrong with EvenMix®. Take a look at our videos, and see for yourself the power of EvenMix®.