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The product line of  EvenMix® mixers is simple to use, lightweight and robust. We built our mixing system to be sturdy enough to handle the most challenging mixing scenarios while remaining lightweight enough for one person to accomplish the job. Most mixers on the market today are heavy, hard to move around, and awkward. Not to mention they are not very economical or affordable. We saw a unique need in the industrial mixer world, which shows with the EvenMix® Mixer products.   

You will no longer need a forklift to move around your mixer, saving time and money. However, what if we told you we took our technology one step further?

The EvenMix® Mixer systems are durable, efficient, and dependable. Its award-winning design is the most efficient in its category.

EvenMix® Mixers has a powder coat epoxy over its stainless steel shaft. This ensures that they are constructed to sustain 800 lbs of force. It is applied to the EvenMix® Mixer. We have literally thought of it all. But, yet, there is one more feature we saw a need for, remote start. Let’s take a closer look at how awesome EvenMix® mixers are and how remote start can be added.

The Evenness of the Mixer

The EvenMix® IBC Tote Mixer is intended to distribute materials evenly across containers. The design and shape of the Mixed Flow Blades are distinctive and patented. They fold to fit through the 6″ hole while unfolding to distribute the contents inside uniformly.

Our IBC Mixer, for example, has a considerably bigger blade that performs admirably, especially given that it enters through a 6-inch small hole.

You can use one or two places for our 55-gallon drum mixers. This allows you more control of your mixing. When the second mixing blade is put to the shaft’s midsection, it is inverted compared to the bottom blade. The bottom blade raises as the top blade lowers. This unique and patented blade design gives EvenMix® its even mixing power.

We wanted a mixer that would evenly mix in whatever container we used. That’s why we called our mixer “EvenMix®.”  While we have accomplished this task, we have gone ahead and added even more features.  

Digital EvenMix® Paired with Smart Plug

EvenMix®er with Electric Power

Our electric motor is powered by a 110-volt three-prong plug. As a result, many of our clients find it simple to use this mixing style. These are the very same plugs you find in your home or business. It normally only uses about 2 amps, similar to a low-speed ceiling fan. However, it can take up to 4 amps.

As you can see, the EvenMix® mixer takes very little power to run. This means that it is much more economical than many of the other mixers on the market. We understand that every penny counts to the bottom line, and that’s why we set up to create a mixer that was not only low cost to purchase but also to run.  

What we Set Out to Do

EvenMix®’s mission was to provide our customers with an economical, transportable, and accurate mixer. There are applications that don’t require this precision. We understand that. However, many applications do, and that was our focus. Our mixers are designed and intended to be used in various industrial applications.  To ensure there is something for everyone, we have decided to create two distinct types of motors. 

We saw that the industry needed a mixer that could do everything, not just one thing. The EvenMix® is designed to handle both IBC and drum mixing functions effortlessly and precisely. It is entirely up to you to decide what to use for your EvenMix®. However, there are several distinctions that you should be aware of. 

Electricity, because it is pure, does not cause the same issues as air. The speed ranges from 40 to 150 rpm, and you’ll have better control over the variations of the mixer with electric versus pneumatic. The unit’s speed can be set directly on the digital screen and functions in four modes. Electric units will be quite precise, which is critical in some circumstances. This is less important in other circumstances, and the air-powered mixer makes more sense.

Digital EvenMix® Paired with Smart Plug- inner

Remote Start and Set up

A new feature we have been developing in the remote start and set up. You can now also start and set your mixer using a smart plug. A smart plug is a device that you plug in and then plug in your mixer. This will be controlled over wifi and an app on your phone. There is no longer a need to ensure there is an operator at the mixer at all times. The specific one that we would recommend would be the Kasa Outdoor plug. This plug is very robust, much like the EvenMix® mixer. It can handle the dust and debris that is often found around our mixers. The best part is that you can set up your mixer remotely, and it will go through its pre-operation check and countdown before mixing.  

While we set out to think of everything, and we thought we did! There was one piece of the puzzle missing, and that was this smart plug. The smart plug can change everything.  


EvenMix® Mixers are some of the very best offered on the market today. However, our engineers are always looking at ways to improve the mixers and offer more functionality when possible. We believe that we have accomplished just that with the combination of our mixers and the Kasa plug. If you are in the market for an industrial mixer that does it all, even when you are not in the building, you need to check out this amazing combination. 

We work with our clients to come up with the best setup for your operation. We offer different types of mixers, sizes, and electric verse pneumatic to ensure we have something for everyone. Call today.