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Many of our new customers really don’t believe us when we say we set out to change the tank mixer world with our EvenMix® design. Sure, we can say all the great things that EvenMix® offers, but until they actually experience it, they don’t understand. In some cases, we get calls from shocked buyers, telling us that they had literally no idea how our mixers are night and day from anything they had ever used as a tank mixer or IBC tote mixer. The mixer is so lightweight. Surely it will break easily, but nope. In fact, the mixers are made to endure up to 800 inch pounds of force, which is suitable for just about any operation. Yes, it is lightweight, but it is strong too!

Have we mentioned that we have a NASA engineer on staff? That’s one of our secrets to engineering something so powerful yet very moveable. In fact, the mixers weigh less than 15 lbs. That’s right, no more trying to find a buddy to help move your tank and IBC mixer. Employees can now easily move it without worrying about injury. 

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Moving EvenMix®

Furthermore, our mixers were designed to be moved between different IBC totes and drums with ease. After some industry research, we saw that there was a huge need for improvement in the industrial mixer department. The mixers on the market were costly, heavy, and didn’t mix as evenly as they should. We set out to build an industrial mixer that was different. This mixer was called EvenMix® because of its patented blades.  

These blades allow the mixer to get into all corners of the container, no matter what the container type is, even IBCs. Furthermore, its patented design is like nothing you have ever seen before. It is made with a variable pitch and was designed to mix just about any viscosity evenly and with ease.

After receiving their own EvenMix®, customers are immediately impressed by its superior quality. Customers who have previously used a mixer are often impressed by how quickly the EvenMix® thoroughly mixes the container. However, they are most impressed by how thoroughly the EvenMix® mixes contents throughout the entire container, including the bottom and the farthest corners, of any size IBC, Drum, or Open Container.

How does EvenMix® do it? Our patented design for the blade used in the EvenMix® generates circulation. According to the feedback we’ve received, this blade is unlike any other on the market. That’s exactly what we set out to do!

Benefits of Using EvenMix®

Different types of EvenMix® mixers are available. Consider EvenMix® if you need a new mixer that can be moved without a forklift or more than one person. The revolutionary EvenMix® mixer weighs under 15 lbs, making it easy for anyone to transport it from one container to another. In addition, its patented blades enable rapid, uniform mixing of any substance. Furthermore, a 120V outlet is all you need to power it up, utilizing only 4 amps. Don’t let its little power consumption make you think that it doesn’t have power. Remember, it can handle up to 800 clinch pounds. Whatever you try to mix or the viscosity of the material, EvenMix® can handle the job!

Your EvenMix® mixer can be adjusted to one of four different settings. Since our customers come from a wide range of industries, they have varying needs. We understood that and tried to design a mixer that would revolutionize the industry. We took into account the various applications that industrial mixers are utilized in. Our team of experts worked hard on this design to ensure that every aspect was an improvement to what was out on the market at the time. We further our standing in the industry by working to improve on what we have already designed and built as technology permits.

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Our mixers come by several names, such as:

  • Tote Mixer
  • IBC Tote Mixer
  • Drum Mixer
  • More

But, essentially, they all operate in the same fashion. They are fast, reliable, lightweight, and affordable. If you are looking to improve your mixing strategies, why not give us a call? Industrial mixers, tote mixers, IBC tote mixers, and barrel mixers are all things we can assist with.  

EvenMIx® is ready to show you what we can do in your industrial application. Our team of experts is ready to take on the toughest of challenges and come up with a solution that is perfect for you. We offer our basic off-the-shelf mixers that operate on either pneumatic power or electrical power. But we also offer custom designs too. If you are ready to improve your mixing capabilities, you need to give EvenMix® a call at 440-236-6677 today! We ship worldwide!