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EvenMix® was recently awarded the 2022 #1 Weatherhead 100 Upstarts. The company is known for its state-of-the-art mixing technology. The patented mixing technology is poised to revolutionize the traditional mixing industry. 

Cleveland – Weatherhead announced its list of 100 Upstarts in 2022, out of which EvenMix® ranks #1. Being awarded #1 means that EvenMix® has the highest rate of growth among its peers. EvenMix® has been growing at this rate for several years and is a successful industrial mixing business, having sold thousands of units since their introduction of the variable pitch blades in 2015. 

EvenMix® Was Awarded #1 in "Weatherhead 100 Upstarts" for 2022

While executing their successful strategy, EvenMix® can manufacture their Tote and IBC mixers in-house and within the United States. However, the company’s mixers have been purchased by buyers from every continent, with many business owners overseas and at home seeing the benefit of the company’s technology and design. 

EvenMix® is consistently working on adapting its products to the latest industry trends. For instance, while overall sales for IBC and tote mixers may have been low during the pandemic, EvenMix® saw sales double with their air mixers being used as mixers for hand sanitizer formulation. The explosion in demand for hand sanitizers meant that many businesses had greatly increased their production and thus needed lightweight, easy-to-use tote mixers. The modified mixers sold like hotcakes, which meant EvenMix® didn’t experience the slowdown in sales that other industrial mixer manufacturers reported but instead reported strong growth. 

Unlike traditional tote and IBC mixers, using aerospace technology means that EvenMix®ers are light, easy to use, and can be easily modified. The heart of the mixing technology is the variable-pitched blades. These blades are lightweight yet provide powerful mixing, ensuring that regardless of the viscosity, these blades offer a consistent mix. Most of all, the energy needed to arrive at the evenly mixed product is significantly less. 

Readers can learn more about EvenMix® and its industrial, tote, and drum mixers by visiting the company’s official website at  https://evenmix.com/.

To be eligible for the Weatherhead 100 award, a company must meet the following criteria:

  • Be headquartered in Northeast Ohio.
  • Be privately held.
  • Have at least $1 million in revenue annually.

If a company meets these criteria, it is eligible to be considered for the Weatherhead 100 award. The award is given to the 100 fastest-growing companies in Northeast Ohio based on a percentage of revenue growth over five years. The awards ceremony is typically held in the fall and is attended by leaders in the entrepreneurship community, including investors and academics.

“EvenMix® is proud to receive the Weatherhead 100 Upstarts Award. We have worked hard over the years, and our team comprises the most experienced professionals in the business. This year we were up against some stiff competition and are very proud of our team to be awarded the #1 spot. This motivates us to grow the business further and verifies what we’ve known all along, i.e., traditional industrial mixers need to be upgraded and updated to use the latest technology.” Said Phil Rankin, Founder of EvenMix®. 

He added, “This has taken a lot of hard work, all-nighters and committed team members, but at the end of it all, this was worth it.” 

EvenMix® Was Awarded #1 in "Weatherhead 100 Upstarts" for 2022

About EvenMix®

EvenMix® is best known for using the latest technology and aerospace engineering design to build pump technology and state-of-the-art variable pitch blades, bring true mixing technology to the market. The low weight, advanced mixing technology, and ease of use make the mixers a favorite in many industries around the world.

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