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Frequently Asked Questions for EvenMix®

  1. Do you have an electric version of the tote mixer?
    Yes.  We have both an Electric and Air version of a tote mixer.
  2. How soon can I get it?
    We usually ship within 5 business days.  We do offer the option of an expediting fee of approximately 10% of the purchase price if you are in a hurry.
  3. Will this mixer work with a product similar to the thickness of peanut butter?
    Yes, we regularly have used it to mix a total mixture of 9,000 cps and have tested our IBC mixer to mix a liquid (it’s hard to call it that) of 50,000 cps back into a water solution.
  4. What is the weight of the EvenMix® IBC Mixer?
    The motor and mixer weigh just 9 pounds for Air and 12 pounds for Electric. We make them in the USA.  You won’t find a geared drive that has a lower weight.
  5. How do I control a static charge with the mixer?
    Our entire mixer is made of metal and will conduct electricity.  We recommend grounding the mixer by connecting a grounding wire to one of the mufflers on the top of the unit.  Please reference this well written article for a discussion about grounding your IBC.
  6. I am looking for a slow speed mixer to be mounted on a conical hopper with a diameter of 23″.
    Our mixers usually run at 160 RPM, so they are relatively slow, and the speed can be controlled by restricting the air flow or adjusting the speed control on the electric drive. The blades expand to 16″ across so they should fit.
  7.  Does a lid supposed to come with 55-gallon drum mixers?
    The lid does NOT come with our 55-gallon drum mixer, but we can order one for you.
  8. How can I control the rpm with the pneumatic motor?
    You can change the speed by the air volume on the motor.  With our electric drive it has a simple speed control knob.
  9. I need the mixer to run at 110 RPM during 5 days full time (non-stop). Can EvenMix® IBC Mixer handle that?
    Our mixer can mix 110 rpm straight for 5 days without an issue. We’ve had other customers go for several days in a row without stopping.
  10. What is the propeller diameter of this product? EvenMix® IBC Tote Mixing Blade Only – M-6-32-0-16-04-2-1. Also, I would like to know the length and diameter of the shaft.
    The blade unfolds to 16″ and the Hex Rod is 7/16″ and 32” long.  The Hex Rod allows the folding mixer assembly to be moved to your required position on the blade and for other blades to be added.
  11. I am looking for tote mixer 275 & 330 gallon to mix a liquid formula with Salts and various type of liquids.
    Our mixer, EvenMix®, will work in either a 275 or 330 gallon tote.  It comes installed on a 6″ lid which replaces the one on your tote currently has.  It is made of 316 Stainless Steel which is largely non-reactive.  Please see our YouTube video for an example of it’s mixing performance.
  12. I need to mix 22 pounds of powder into 6,000 gallons of liquid (approximately 3% solids) can your system mix that volume?
    We usually do very well mixing solids into a liquid.
  13. Does your even mix mixer lid center to a fiber drum? (70 gal standard fiber drum)
    With our revolutionary drum mixer as long as you have a 2″ opening on the lid (in the center or to the side of the lid) we can get our 15″ folding blades (yes 15″ in diameter) into the drum.
  14. Could EvenMix® Drum mixer be used on an open fluid bed as well or only with drums?
    Yes, if you can mount the mixer to a ½” or 2” NPT fitting.
  15. Can I move where the blade is on the rod?
    Yes, you can move the blade on the hex rod.  It simply takes adjusting the set screws.
  16. Does my liquid have capability issues with the EvenMix®?
    Here is a link to a material compatibility chart. Our mixer is made with all wetted parts made of Stainless Steel 316 and Nylon. Other plastics are available upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions for EvenMix®