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Welcome to the latest video from EvenMix® where mixing IS Rocket Science. You deserve a better mixing experience.

We see the existence of poor mixing performance and air bubbles in the liquid as a problem. If your liquid isn’t mixed evenly – it’s a problem. If you have a significant amount of air bubbles mixed into your liquid – it’s a problem.

We focused our former NASA engineers on solving these problems. What did they come up with? We developed a patent pending variable pitch blade that generates a vector that mixes horizontally, vertically, and circumferentially – significantly improving the quality of the mix.

Enough of me talking, let’s get down to the testing. We are feeding each drum motor with the same 50 psi, filled the drum with the same glycerin (1,100 centipoise – just like paint), the same markers, and the same sand.

Here we go with a full view of the testing side by side. The EvenMix® single blade mixer versus The Incumbent 30 degree pitched single blade. Let’s see how they do………Notice the difference in vortex at the top. The strictly vertical mixing action of the incumbent is producing a significant vortex drawing a lot of air into the liquid.

That was interesting. Now let’s have a look at the bottom of the drum to see what we find.

With the same air pressure input, same liquid, and same sand let’s see what we get. The EvenMix® cleaned the bottom and is keeping it clean. The Incumbent can’t seem to get the area in the center clean and look at the bubbles. It’s a problem.

This is what we saw. The mixing performance was similar but not at the bottom. The amount of air bubbles mixed into the liquid was noticeably different. The vortex as a result of the mixing vectors was visible with the Incumbent.

You’ve seen the test, draw your own conclusions. We are ready to provide you a better mixing experience. It IS rocket science!