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Variable Pitch

In our continued effort to inform our current and potential customers, we’d like to give a sneak peek at our blade’s most vital feature: variable pitch.
Variable pitch is nothing necessarily new. Aircraft and ships have been using it for decades now, and with great success. It’s simply a twist in the blade, which helps direct the air, water, etc. in a certain direction. It may not seem like much, but it’s a small twist (literally) that produces big results.

EvenMix®’s take on variable pitch works by twisting the blade to a 30 degree angle. This helps increase movement of the solution both horizontally and vertically. The result is a figure eight like movement that greatly enhances the circulation of material throughout the drum. Standard blades simply toss around the material in one direction. This results in a heavy layer of material at the bottom of the drum, and a much slower mixing process.

This isn’t a gimmick either. EvenMix® consistently provides better results than the industry leader. Don’t believe us? Have a look at the video below to see for yourself why EvenMix® is the most innovative product in the mixing industry today!

There are several mixing blades on the market that are at a single pitch for the entire blade.  Our blades are unique in that we begin at 90 degrees and then bend the blades continuously to 30 degrees.  We do this with specially designed stamping dies that allow us to make our unique shaped blade and bring you a variable pitch blade.

30 Degree Angle Variable Pitch

We’ve done the math and determined that 30 degrees is the optimum angle for achieving the same speed of liquids vertically as they come off the blade horizontally.  The blades are specifically designed to produce our figure-eight mixing action.  We’ve achieved this mixing strategy through a combination of theoretical design and practical tests.  Our R&D team was trained at NASA in building rockets.  While we don’t build rockets at EvenMix®, It is rocket science, and you’ll see our scientific roots reflected in our mixing blades.

One blade mixes very well but two blades mix better.  Our IBC Mixer features our bottom larger blade (16 inches unfolded) and it does a great job, especially given that it is entering through  six inch bung opening.  Our fixed blade mixers like our 55 gallon drum mixer is available with one mixing blade or two.  When the second mixing blade is added to the middle of the shaft it actually is inverted when compared to the bottom blade.  The bottom blade pumps up while the top blade pumps down.  Through testing we determined that in a 55 gallon barrel the bottom blade pumps up around the outer diameter of the drum cylinder while the inner diameter feeds liquid down to feed the bottom pump.  The top blade facilitates that complete pumping action.  It might just look like another variable pitch blade, but it’s specifically designed with a purpose.  Everything we do has a purpose at EvenMix®.

Armed with all of this knowledge you can now look at the available options with a more critical eye.  Not everyone has testing chambers that they can see through and analyze – we do.  Don’t accept everyone’s claims on the surface.  We want you to understand all of the design features that we have baked in to EvenMix® for your benefit.  We’re making the world a better place, one interaction at a time.

Don’t settle for poor mixing that takes a substantially longer time. You need results, and you need them quickly. Give us a call or send us an email today to get your EvenMix®! We look forward to doing business with you!