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Have you been frustrated with your mixer and just know there has to be something better on the market?  EvenMix® founders were, too, so we set out to build the industry standard.  We worked hard to develop a mixer that will allow our customers to get that perfect even mix they have been looking for every time.  The quality of your product depends on mixing it, and that’s why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than an EvenMix®.  

Let’s start by looking at the industry and determining how most mixers work. Most make use of a fixed and small boat propeller blade, and other mixer blades feature a fixed pitch blade that draws air into the liquid by creating a vertical lift and vortex.

EvenMix® developed innovative blades with changeable pitch. This blade starts at 30° and works its way up to 90°. This bend is essential for generating both horizontal dispersion and vertical lift of liquid, resulting in a 3-D circulation and mixing action within the container.

Our blades rotate counter-clockwise, allowing them to sweep the bottom of the container while they mix, moving liquid up the sides to the top and back down the center. For most materials, this convection action results in superior even mixing.

Because we don’t want to suck air into the mix, shear your liquid or generate a vortex, our mixers have a maximum speed of about 150 RPMs, sufficient for most applications. Most commercial mixers only combine vertically, shear the product’s molecules, mix at significantly greater rates, and frequently inject air into the liquid.

We have patented our blades because of their unique properties and full 3-D mixing.

EvenMix® - How do EvenMix® Blades Work

Design of a Tank Mixer

EvenMix® Tank mixing systems are utilized in various industries, and our technology has been refined to accommodate some of the most complex mixes.

EvenMix® Tank Mixers are built to be efficient and dependable. Your materials will consistently mix and circulate thanks to our innovative EvenMix® blades with variable pitch.

Our tank mixers are available in various sizes, depending on the viscosity and amount of the material being mixed. Even our largest tank mixers, which hold 5,000 gallons, are easy to use and lightweight.

The innovative EvenMix® blades on our electric or air geared motors feature a variable speed control that runs up to 135 rpm and has a variable speed control from 20 down to 1. For combinations up to 2,000 cps, an even mix can be achieved. Allow our mixers to do the heavy lifting for you and your employees!

You can reduce material input and save money by mixing your materials or resins evenly across an IBC. The shape and design of the Mixed Flow Blades are distinctive, and they fold to fit through the 16″ aperture while unfolding to distribute the contents around the tank evenly.

How EvenMix® Improves Your Tank Mixer

Tank Mixers on the market today are intended to agitate mixtures in various shapes and sizes of containers. However, many of these tanks are difficult to deal with due to their low efficiency, enormous weight, and a variety of other issues. We have worked hard to improve the technology behind our tank mixers to give our clients the greatest mixing experience possible.

Using our revolutionary 3D mixing blades, our poly tank geared mixers provide a superior mix. These blades’ changeable pitch is unlike any other. The liquid is easily pumped in circular motions throughout the container, resulting in a totally even and equal mix. We tested a variety of materials with different viscous to ensure we had achieved our goal. Our innovative technologies enable you to mix chemicals at speeds of up to 2,000 cps. Solids are kept suspended in the tanks, while fluid components are fully mixed throughout.

EvenMix® - How do EvenMix® Blades Work

The Differences Examined

Tank mixers are often bulky and heavy, requiring the use of numerous people or even forklifts. This appears to be one of the most difficult issues customers confront, regardless of tank drive or size. EvenMix® mixing devices are portable and lightweight, with electric drives weighing 12 pounds and air drives weighing just 9 pounds.

After speaking with several of our clients about their previous mixing company experiences, it appears that many other mixers are not long-lasting and/or sturdy. We created a powerful DC brushless motor to ensure long-lasting mixing. You won’t have to worry about the motor wearing out as you continue to mix. Our new digital drives are resistant to dust and water, allowing you to mix in some of the most demanding manufacturing settings.

See the Difference

No other mixer performs as well as the EvenMix® tank mixer. The digital speed control, which ranges from 150 RPM down to 40RPM, gives the operator complete control over the mixing and makes it simple to use. While it is lightweight, it produces the evenest mix conceivable and packs a powerful punch.

EvenMix® - How do EvenMix® Blades Work

How Many Blades Are Required for Agitation?

The mixing step is an essential aspect of the reaction process. The proper agitator can impact various characteristics, including bath duration, heat transmission, yield, product quality, and so on. A tank agitator must be ideally suited to the influenced reaction, or it will negatively impact the operation.

In general, an industrial agitator can be optimized and customized for your specific process. Changing the number of blades, spans, angles, and design is one technique to improve the agitator. Other parameters include operating speeds and tier placement; each variable can be adjusted and modified to optimize the operation’s performance.

Naturally, NASA is curious about what will influence and have the most significant impact on agitation. This prompted them to perform a study where they primarily tested various blades and the number of blades required for optimal fluid transfer. NASA’s findings determined how an industrial tank agitator should be designed for maximum effectiveness.

The influence of utilizing four, three, and two blades were investigated using DEM. According to the findings, the number of mixing system blades directly impacts particle velocities. We would be happy to discuss this further and help you decide what is best for your particular operation.

We ensure that every one of our customers is happy with their mixer and will continue to work with them beyond their first purchase. To learn more, visit our newly renovated website or contact our fantastic support team.Do you require assistance? Call our award-winning customer service staff at +1 (440)236-6677.

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