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You have probably heard of EvenMix® and how our mixers have revolutionized the industry. However, did you ever think of how it could help you achieve better customer satisfaction all the way down the line? 

When you are producing and manufacturing your liquid products, you have come to realize that EvenMix® mixes differently. The quality of the mix is something that simply can not be matched. In fact, it is one of the key components of your entire process that produces the quality you have come to recognize due to the fact that you utilize such a high-quality mixer such as EvenMix®.

However, as you ship out your liquid product, you know that settlement will happen. This is inevitable. As your product goes through quality inspection, whatever it may be, it passes with flying colors, and everything is mixed evenly. The product has the consistency expected and the properties it is meant to have. However, it oftentimes is moved to storage, then shipment, and then storage at your customer’s facility. Even if you skip storage and work on a Just in Time model, there is still some settling and separation that can completely affect how your product performs in your customer’s hand.

This settling can cause some issues with quality and production at your customer’s level. While settling is just a part of working with a liquid, you don’t want your customer to be unsatisfied, so what do you do?

Changing the Way You Ship

Change the way you ship! Okay, you are probably thinking about ways you could change how you ship. Maybe even a cement truck comes to mind. However, that’s not exactly what we mean. You still would ship your product in the containers that you always have. However, this time there will be a surprise inside. That surprise will be an EvenMix® blade.  

When you ship your product to your customer, you probably all know that it will need to be mixed. That’s on them. However, they are complaining that your quality isn’t consistent and there are issues with it. You are confused since your quality checks tell you otherwise. You start to think of ways that could be changing the product in storage and transit. Again, we all know the product settles, so they must mix it back up. You tell them this, and they agree and let you know they have been mixing it. However, with what level and type of mixer? 

Have you ever thought about your customer’s mixer? That’s probably a key component in why you are getting a nice even mix that is testing correct for everything, and they are saying it’s not high quality or consistent. The difference? The mixer!

Changing the Way You Ship​

Changing the Mixer

Most people don’t believe that a mixer can make THAT much of a difference until they try it. Remember how EvenMix® set out to change the industrial mixer? Well, we have. However, it is still hard for some to believe that a mixer has this much control over the quality of the mix, and it does! Our mixers are designed to work with IBC totes or barrels and get down in those corners where things tend to settle. The other mixers don’t provide such an even mix, which means that the product won’t be consistent.

Our solution, send an EvenMix® blade in your product. Your customer can then use their mixer to mix it and see if there really is a difference for themselves. This has changed many people’s perspectives and solved many issues with settling. Why not try it?

Changing the Mixer