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Bunghole mount mixers allow you to immediately mount our mixers to the 2″ NPT bung hole on the lid of a 55-gallon drum or any other vessel. The folding props will be able to slip through the bung aperture and open with centripetal force. The mixer will function in both inside and center bung apertures. Our barrel bung hole mount mixers are composed of high-quality components that offer exceptional durability as well as lightweight portability.

Tough design and construction are some of the key factors of our mixers. However, the most crucial part is the patented blade design that is unique to our EvenMix® mixers. Our tote mixing systems are designed and manufactured in Cleveland. With the assistance of a NASA engineer, we were able to perfect our systems and make them the best they could be. We take pride in the strength and durability of our tote bung mixers.

We asked paint, chemical, agriculture, culinary, and industrial industries about mixing problems in totes. They had plenty! Our engineers solved the issues and created the EvenMix® blade. It was good enough to warrant a patent. It incorporates 3D mixing and is unlike anything else.

The EvenMix® 55-gallon bung drum mixer was developed to offer an even mix of material through any drum. The EvenMix® can be used in a variety of ways. In addition, we put our drum bung mixer up against several industry-leading models. As a result, the EvenMix® drum mixer outperforms all others!

Instructions on How To Use our Bung Mixer

  1. Insert your mixing shaft into the Drum Bung (including the SS reducer)
  2. Insert the mixing shaft into the output of the Drive and tighten the Through Bolt.
  3. Attach the Drum Bung Fitting to the Drive.
  4. Insert the assembled mixer into Drum, ensuring it fits snugly inside the hole. It should be noted that the fitting is intended to hook within the drum bung.
  5. These mixers are suitable for both plastic and steel drums, making them universal and easy for most of our clients.
  6. Use the adjustable bolt to secure the container. It will provide a secure grasp on the steel or plastic drum between the handle and the hook.
  7. To remove, pull out of Drum after releasing the handle.

It is that simple. This process can be performed by one person. However, our competition’s mixers are far heavier and more awkward. That was one of the issues we worked hard to resolve. With the average mixer weighing 25-100 lbs, we saw this as a problem and looked for a solution. Our mixers weigh 12lbs or less, making them easy to change out from one drum to the next.

Design of an Electric Drive with a Mixer

EvenMix® drum mixers with our Air Motor or Electric Motor, our clients have options. They can use this mixer in a wide variety of materials, even the super thick. As proven in various rigorous industry tests, strategically placed mixing blades create horizontal and vertical flow patterns. The results are astounding!

Air Drive Drum Mixer in a 55 Gallon Drum

The EvenMix® System has a wide range of applications, including viscous materials, slurries, liquids, and powders. As long as the drum has a steel lid with a center bung, we may include our mixers in BOTH plastic and steel drums. They can also be used on any drum with an interior diameter of at least 18′′.

Drum Dimensions

Drum mixers from EvenMix® are designed to function in 1-gallon through 55-gallon drums. These mixers can agitate materials ranging in viscosity from high to low. EvenMix® drum mixers are suited for laboratory or industrial use, as well as plastic barrels, drums, and pails. It also mixes in custom mixing vessels, IBCs, totes, and 55-gallon drums. Our mixing blades may fit within openings as little as two ′′ and as large as you need (with mounting accessories).

Open Head Drum - Drum Mixing

The EvenMix® Open Head Drum Mixer has the option of foldable or fixed blades. Both configurations are capable of withstanding 800-inch pounds of force. When using the EvenMix® with an Open Head Drum, you may effortlessly add liquid and remove combined liquids from the drum.

Mixer for Closed Head Drums

We have created a game-changing invention with our Closed Head Drums Mixer. Our 15″ folding blade was designed to fit through the hole of the barrel or bung while keeping the lid closed. To drive the folding mixing blad through the drum’s middle, we offer a Mounting Bracket that supports the electric or air motor. If you have any questions, please contact us. We created it to address market problems.

Open Head Drum - Mixing Blade Only

You can utilize the mixing blade and Air or Electric Drive individually on the EvenMix® Anti-Contamination Mixer. Several distinct mixing blades (mounted in separate lids) can be driven by a single motor. The Nylon fitting on the Anti-Contamination Mixer allows it to function independently of the Air or Electric Drive. To connect the Drive to the Blades, screw it onto the Nylon Fitting. The Drive and the Blade will be activated.

Pinless Mixing Blades (Installed at the Drum Manufacturer)

EvenMix® Pinless Mixer has demonstrated outstanding mixing performance in any type of drum without the use of a pin. It’s groundbreaking for the drum industry! It can also be used in a 55-gallon drum with a drum liner.

The EvenMix® drum mixer is designed to mix even the heaviest ingredients evenly across a drum. It spread sand to the same grain count in all quadrants of a 55-gallon drum in repeated tests. It is powder coated for thorough coating of the mixing blade and improved rust resistance.

When it comes to the installation of our EvenMix® mixers, we have thought of it all. Our mixers are some of the very best on the market in performance and usability. We wanted to develop a mixer that we would be proud of and believe we have. If you are looking for a bung-hole mixer and haven’t checked out ours, you are missing out. Call 440-236-6677 today to get started.