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Our open-top container mixers are designed and manufactured in the United States. These can be IBC tote mixer or drum mixer options.  When you purchase an EvenMix® mixer, you can be confident that it will be delivered on time.   When the product is made in the same country, you don’t have to worry about customs or getting held up at the border. This is just one more way to buy the best mixer on the market. It only makes sense. 

Evenmix® is not just any open-top container industrial mixer. It is a mixer of nothing but our standing quality. There is no need to worry about being stopped at customs. Another benefit of Made in the USA is that you can contact us immediately for help. We are familiar with our mixers and can assist you if there is a problem. There is no communication breakdown or major time difference to worry about.

Our customer service, production, and design departments are all in the United States. This allows us to produce a superior product that will satisfy everyone in terms of quality. Our open-top drum mixer systems were designed, developed, and manufactured in Cleveland. We have successfully perfected our systems and made them the best they could be. This was accomplished with the h lp of a NASA engineer! The durability and longevity of our tote mixer units are two of our most valued advantages.

Installing an Open Top EvenMix® Mixer

So, you have decided to purchase one of our open-top mixers and need a little instruction on how to use it.   This video will show you how to install the EvenMix® Open Top Mixer into your Open Top Container.

  1. Insert your mixing shaft into the Open Top Bracket 
  2. Insert the mixing shaft into the output f the Drive and tighten the Through Bolt.
  3. Secure the Open Top Bracket to the Drive.
  4. Ins rt Mixer into the container
  5. Tighten the screw to keep it in place on the container.
  6. Keep in mind that the mixer’s angle can be adjusted from 15 to 25 to 35 degrees.
  7. To remove, unfasten the bra et and pull the Container out.

If you have any questions, please contact us at EvenMix®. Our support staff is always ready and willing to help in any way they can. 

Many mixer users have been looking for the ideal clamp-mounted mixers to meet all of their requirements. However, many of today’s typical clamp mount mixers are known to be expensive, inefficient, and heavy. With our unique IBC tote mixer options, EvenMix® is redefining the game.

We created a Clamp Mount that simply connects to open containers of all shapes and sizes. Our strong engineering guarantees consumers high-powered execution and long-term quality. We take pride in creating lightweight mixers and drives that require less exertion to operate than competitors. With the assistance of a NASA Engineer, we could perfect our mixing technology and deliver the finest mixing experience to our customers.

The Open Tank Top Mixer in Action

As previously stated, many open-top mixers are difficult to operate due to their design. We have examined the pain areas of these mixers and taken steps to address them through technological advancements.

When working with an open-top container, attach the EvenMix® Clamp Mount to the side of the container and insert the shaft and blades into the mixture. Because our electric and air drives weigh only 12 and 9 pounds, attaching the clamp is straightforward and easy. With some tightening and adjusting, the clamp secures tightly to the container. See the instructions above.

The variable speed control spans from 1 to 20 using our innovative Electric Geared Digital Drive. If necessary, the slow start mode can be utilized to gently ramp up the mixing process. The digital speed control ranges from 40 to 150 RPM in seconds. When the mixing is finished, the clamp may be easily removed and transported by one person. It doesn’t weigh 100s of lbs like those other mixers. That was a pain point we worked out through our innovation. We wanted a mixer that not only was the best on the market for mixing but lightweight.

How to Assemble - Open Top Container

Diverse Mixing Features are the Future of Industrial Mixing

EvenMix®’s solution is basic, with fewer elements than most mixers and even fewer things that could go wrong. Furthermore, users can mix and match their drives with the mixers or drums they use. It is a versatile system. This is why so many love the Evenmix®.  No matter what type of container you are using or what material you need mixed, we have a solution for you. Call 440-236-6677 today to get started.

Furthermore, EvenMix®’s exceptional customer service for mixers and tote mixers is unrivaled. Everything from new blades to drives and supporting parts is readily available. Businesses save time and money by choosing a company that manufactures and designs all of its own products. We fully understand our systems and can help you should an issue arise. Call 440-236-6677 anytime.

We continue to work with our clients after their original purchase to guarantee that all of our products continue to function effectively. Take a peek at some of our prior articles and instructional mixing videos. Make combining as simple as possible with our newest developments.

Advantages of Using EvenMix®

After receiving their Evenmix®, our customers will begin to realize a few more benefits. One of these advantages is the amount of energy consumed. When in use, our mixers consume extremely little energy. They consume roughly the same amount of energy as a ceiling fan. They plug into a conventional wall outlet with three prongs and run on 120 volts. Given their ability to mix in so many containers and viscosities, that’s quite astounding. But did we mention that they not only mix but also mix very evenly due to the revolutionary blade design?

When our customers first use EvenMix®, they understand it’s not just another industrial mixer. This mixer has a lot of power, is energy efficient, light, and mixes very evenly.  It makes no difference if the container is an open container, drum, or IBC. EvenMix® will astound you with its capacity to mix the material all the way down to the bottom and into the most remote places.

When you see EvenMix® in action, you’ll wonder how we did it. This is fairly frequent because many individuals have tried many different mixers that claim to be the finest, but in reality, many fall short in key areas. Call 440-236-6677 today!