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EvenMix® has quietly been engineering some of the most refined barrel and drum mixers on the market today. We recognized a lack of creativity in other mixers as well as a demand in this very specific sector. We wanted nothing but the best for our EvenMix® mixer. A mixer that would please our customers, one that was lightweight and easy to maneuver while still having the power to mix almost anything. Were we hallucinating? Absolutely not.

Mixers are not complicated devices, yet no one had taken the time to sit down and truly build something that just worked. We worked hard on the design and considered every detail. The gearbox was constructed so that it could easily mix materials of varying viscosities. It was built to last using high-quality metal gears and bearings.  Our patented blade design allows the mixer to mix evenly and consistently.  We offer both pneumatic and electric options to help our clients get the most out of their mixers.  Lightweight, as we understood, having two or more people moving the mixers is cumbersome and dangerous.  During our market research, we looked for the problematic areas and worked to find the solution.  It shows with our revolutionary IBC tote mixer and drum mixer.

Instructions on How to Assemble - EvenMix® to Tank

How to Assemble EvenMix® Tank Mixer

  1. Assemble your Bracket.
    1. If you plan to use a 4 Rib Bracket
      1. Spot and drill the required holes through the ribs.
    2. If you are using a 2 or 4 Rib Bracket
      1. Assemble the parts and attach them to the Manhole Lid
      2. Be sure to tighten the bracket to clench the lid
    3. If you are using a Bulkhead
      1. Spot and drill the required hold through the dome of the tank
      2. Assemble the components and clench the dome.
      3. Be sure to tighten the bulkhead.
  2. Put your mixing shaft through the Bracket
  3. Place the mixing shaft into the Drive’s output and fasten the Two Set Screws
  4. Fasten Drive into the Bracket
  5. To remove, unsecure the Mixer and pull out of Container

Thank you for watching this instructional video on how to install your EvenMix® Tank Mixer.  If you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at EvenMix®.

Many mixer users have been looking for the ideal tank mixer to meet all of their needs. However, many of today’s typical tank mixers are known to be heavy, inefficient, and/or expensive. With our unique approach, EvenMix® is redefining the game.

Problems with IBC Tank Mixers

Tank mixers, are ubiquitous liquid distribution containers. However, the product line for any individual brand, or even the entire sector, is quite different. However, there are several concerns that are frequently linked with tank mixers in general, one of which is inefficient impellers or a mixing blade that is insufficient. Some critical tank mixer characteristics, for example, may be compromised on low-cost models. Then there’s the fact that these mixers are quite heavy, weighing up to 30-100 pounds.

The other, the maybe most common, issue with many tank mixers is that they don’t seem to mix various liquids, as well as they should. When it comes to mixing, it is generally a two-person job, which is a strain on a company’s resources. Fortunately, a new generation of tote mixers, spearheaded by brands like ours, such as EvenMix®, is changing the game.

We created a tank mixer or drum mixer that connects to open containers of all shapes and sizes. Our strong engineering guarantees consumers long-term quality and high-powered execution. We take pride in creating lightweight mixers and drives that require less exertion to operate than competitors. With the assistance of a NASA Engineer, we were able to perfect our mixing technology and deliver the finest mixing experience to our customers.  We know you will simply agree once you see our mixers in action.  Call 404-236-6677 today to get started.

How to Assemble to Tank

Bridge Design Improvements

Our Bridge, which is used to hold the mixer, is designed to allow the mixer to sit comfortably on any IBC. It was created to keep the mixer in place over open-topped IBCs. Our bridge was built to be lightweight, so much so that it can be moved by one person without using a forklift. It has a solid build meant to survive for years, much like our EvenMix® mixer. We created it with our customers and how they would use it in mind. It will undoubtedly function with a wide range of IBCs.

EvenMix® Mixers are constantly working to improve design and quality. We anticipate that these new enhancements will be a huge success.

Why Choose EvenMix®

It won’t be easy to find a  drum mixer, IBC tote mixer, or Industrial Mixer that can compete with EvenMix®. A former NASA engineer works on our research and development team. This means we have some of the best features for EvenMix®. This ensures that our customers receive the greatest mixer on the market.  We understand that you have probably heard some of this from our competitors.  But rest assured, we have thought of everything.  We wanted to focus on this particular product and give it our very best to ensure our customers get all the features they need.  Our mixers are lightweight and powerful, come in electric and pneumatic, and offer various options due to the interchangeable components. The best part about EvenMix® is the patented blades that mix in a way that creates a 3d mix with just about any type of liquid.  

Our goal is to make every one of our goods as light as possible. At the same time, we aim to retain a high degree of performance. Our EvenMix® mixers are built to last and consume as little energy as possible.

EvenMix® is Both Lightweight and Long-Lasting

Other mixers are massive. In reality, the majority weigh between 25 and 100 pounds. This meant that the operators would have to hire a forklift to transport them. EvenMix® Mixers, on the other hand, weigh only 9-12 lbs due to improved engineering. This simplifies things for our employees and helps to avoid potential safety risks.

Sure, our electric motors are among the best and most efficient on the market but consider our pneumatic motors, which utilize approximately 13CFM. Most other mixers on the market will use 30 CFM. This power generation is equivalent to electric 30 NM. However, our competitors’ power generation is only equivalent to 20 NM. Although just one-third of the energy was used, the torque produced was raised by half. Isn’t it extraordinary? That is what occurs when you have a strong team of engineers on your side.