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Slurries are among the many things that you can combine with an Even Mix mixer. Our IBC tote mixers, drum mixers, and pail mixers are all strong enough to handle this combination of liquids and solid. However, some slurries are safer to mix than others. Things like the slurry that becomes concrete is far safer to work with than farm fertilizers. After all, some of the ingredients in those fertilizers can be rather combustive. Since our mixers were created to make your life a little easier, here are some tips for mixing these combustive slurries in a safe manner.

1) Take Safety Precautions around Others

In order to ensure that you’re mixing your fertilizer slurry safely, you’ll need to follow some standard safety procedures. These include emptying out the space that the mixing will take place in. You don’t want anyone around you just in case things, well, go south. This means that any animals (if you’re mixing in a barn) or people, need to steer clear.

2) Set up The Mixer and Then Leave the Structure

The best thing about our mixers is the fact that they’ll do the job on their own. You just need to set the process in motion. The mixers are designed to get every bit of the slurry fully combined (including anything that may have settled at the corners of your square containers) without any adjusting. They move on their own. So, you can set the mixer in your tote or drum, turn it on, and then leave. You won’t have to worry about fumes or anything else if you’re outside of the mixing space.

3) Make Sure That Air Can Enter the Space

While you don’t want to stand downwind of the mixing room – or even in it when the mixing is in progress – you do need to make sure that air can get in so that you can enter the space afterward. This means that you’ll have to open a door or window (or even several) to ensure that there’s a continuous flow of air. In fact, it’s ideal to do this type of mixing on a windy day.

4) Use The Buddy System

It’s always a good idea to let someone else know when you’re going to mix your fertilizer. This way, in case something happens, you aren’t alone in that part of the property. The other person should be a safe distance away, but close to enough to keep an eye on you.