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IBC Tote Mixers In Plant:

The EvenMix® Folding Blade for IBC Tote Mixers In Plant are designed to be coupled with the ARS2L-H070. This pairing with the EvenMix® Air Motor, makes it easy to mix your liquids quickly, completely, and without introducing air.

Use several PT132000SS’s for each of your liquids and a single ARS2L-H070 to move from tote to tote. This makes mixing multiple liquids much easier. The process is made much easier thanks to the light weight of the entire unit. The mixing blades detach easily from the air motor. Combined, they create an OSHA friendly piece of equipment. There isn’t any extreme bending, twisting, or lifting required.

The EvenMix® folding blade can mix a number of different materials, including fertilizers and paints. It can handle viscous liquids, semi-solids, and many other things. No matter what your in-plant needs are, the ARS2L-H070 and the folding blade can take on the task.

The last thing that you went when mixing in plant materials is to introduce air to the mixture. At the least, it can damage the product. However, it can also cause a potentially explosive situation, especially when you’re mixing fertilizer. For this reason above all others, you need the EvenMix® Folding Blade.

IBC Tote Mixer Agitator and Air Motor
The EvenMix® Folding Blade
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