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Improved Gearbox

After some careful consideration we’ve done it, we have created a more beefy and robust gearbox that packs a serious punch to our EvenMix® mixing technology.  Our gearbox is made to handle harsh loads with ease.  You will not find any plastic components in here, everything is made of metal and steel for improved life longevity.  After all, these mixers are made to be used and industrial settings are not easy on mixers. 

Our patented 3D technology works with the bottom and sides of the container as baffles to ensure even mixing each and every time throughout the container.  Inside the gearbox, you will find 3 sets of planetary gears. These gears are made of metal and able to take on heavy side loads as well as pack a 1:125 gear reduction.  This packs a serious punch to the mixer. This greatly increases power to the mixer and increases its torque and reduces its speed. Every gearbox comes with 2 large metal bearings that are made to work under load.  These bearings are an improvement from our previous gearbox and made to ensure a long lifespan and proper mixing. We are always working on improving the EvenMix® products in even the most subtle ways.  

EvenMix® Gearbox

The planetary gears are arranged inside the gearbox to reduce the speed and increase the torque of the mixer.  Many mixers go direct from the drive output to the mixing shaft. These mixers have high speeds and often sheer the liquids being mixed.  Gearboxes are used on some mixers but the components are made from plastic. At EvenMix® we use high strength components and assemble our low weight drives with a great box to achieve strong power for mixing provided from a low weight drive system.  You won’t find another mixer with the combination of electric, 120 V AC, 12 pounds total, 160 RPM Max, variable speed control, and 16” spanning mixing blades. There is nothing like it on the market today. 

We have patented technology designed to ensure everything is mixed evenly within the tote or drum.  Our mixers are made from hardened stainless steel alloy 316 and designed to handle up to 800 lbs per inch of force to allow our mixer to mix even some of the toughest materials.

Advantages to Planetary Gears

Improved Gearbox
Improved Gearbox

The advantage of having planetary gears are that they offer a very high torque output for a very small gearbox.  They offer higher power density. This is due to the load not all on one gear but spread over all of the gears making this a very robust system.  This allows the motor box to last longer and have better output. This gearing system is a bit more expensive upfront but well worth it in the end.  We are providing this upgrade in performance and longevity without a change to sales price! We have combined this impeccable gearing system with robust bearings and strengthened steel blades.  Our designs are built to last and function with ease. 

Everyone loves a good mixer that does its job.  It is something that we do not think about until it does not work.  This goes for many of our tools in the industrial world. So, do not trust your mixing to just any mixer.  Ensure you have an EvenMix® drum mixer that is there ready to plow through any material with ease.