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We are busy preparing for our first ever Iowa Power Farming Show

Visit us January 30th to February 1st at the Iowa Power Farming Show. We will be exhibiting in Booth #5006.

Join EvenMix® at IOWA Power Farming Show

EvenMix® Attends the Iowa Power Farming Show

The 2018 Iowa Power Farming Show takes place in Des Moines from January 30th to February 1st. Special Metal Stamping and EvenMix® will be there this year showing attendees how mixers can help farmers create blends of fertilizers, various grains, and many other agricultural products.

What Is The Iowa Power Farming Show?

As its name suggests, the Iowa Power Farming Show is a gathering of over 700 makers of agricultural products. The show has been held annually since 1910. Its early years were spent in Des Moines before organizers moved it to Ames and then Cedar Rapids. In 1931, the Iowa Power Farming Show moved back to Des Moines, where it’s been ever since. The indoor farming show is the third largest in the United States. It draws in thousands of people every year, looking to see the newest mechanical advances in the farming industry, as well as meet with suppliers and other manufacturers. Overall, the Iowa Power Farming Show consists of over seven acres of exhibition space that have been spread over six floors and three buildings. EvenMix® and Special Metal Stamping look forward to being there this year.

Mixers and Organic Fertilizers in the Farming Industry

The mixers produced by EvenMix® have a number of different applications, including some in the farming industry. One example involves fertilizer. Corn gluten is a popular organic fertilizer. It prevents weeds from taking root. However, when it’s left to settle over time, the material can become too thick to spread easily. This is where EvenMix®’s mixers come in. Our IBC tote mixer is lightweight and easy to use. Once it’s in the corn gluten filled tote, an air hose is attached. The air powers the mixer, which makes the corn gluten lighter. The difference is obvious – the material goes from being sludge-like to light and airy, perfect for disbursing over a large field.

Other Farming Uses

There are many different uses for mixers on large commercial farms. The ones made by EvenMix® – the IBC Tote Mixers, Pail Mixers, and Drum Mixers all have different applications. Whether your farm needs its organic fertilizer freshened up (as explained above), its grain blends created, or more, our products can help. Come see us at our booth at the 2018 Iowa Power Farming Show. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and demonstrate how our mixers can meet your needs.

More About Iowa Power Farming Show:

"The Iowa Power Farming Show – the third largest indoor farm show in the United States – annually hosts nearly 700 exhibitors spanning 7 acres, 3 buildings and 6 floors across the Iowa Events Center. These ag manufacturers and suppliers come from across the country and around the world to display the best ag has to offer, from big iron, precision ag, aerial imaging and livestock production, to inputs, data management and more.

Farmers across the Midwest attend this pure ag show to kick some tires, see the latest innovations and compare products side-by-side. Free seminars led by industry experts throughout the show are popular as well, covering topics like UAVs, estate planning, water quality, and weather and commodity trends.

Iowa Power Farming Show hours are 9 am to 4 pm Tuesday and Wednesday, and 9 am to 3 pm Thursday. Parking and shuttle are free at Iowa Cubs-Principal Park. Admission is $8 with a $5 discount available at iowapowershow.com."