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Finding a Tote Mixer, IBC tote mixer, drum mixer, or industrial mixer that is up to par with EvenMix® is going to be next to impossible. Our research and development team has a former NASA engineer on it. This means that we have some of the best attributes for EvenMix®.  This ensures that our customers get the best possible mixer on the market.

Our goal is to ensure that every one of our products is as lightweight as possible. While we also want to maintain a high level of performance at the same time. Our EvenMix® mixers are designed to be robust and use as little energy as possible. Let’s look at the energy used by the EvenMix® Air and Electric Drives. In addition to the amount of power, these drives generate compared to other types of drives.

The price of energy is continuing to rise. It is imperative that everyone is mindful of the amount of energy they use. We understand that. That’s why we took it very seriously when we decided it was time to design our EvenMix® mixer. Our electric drive mixer uses a maximum of 4 Amps, whereas most similar products require 12 Amps. To give you an idea of the difference, a portable pizza oven uses 12 amps, and a ceiling fan will use around 4 amps. That is a big difference. EvenMix® uses only one-third of the energy that others will use.

Mixer Energy Use

Uses Little Power but Packs a Punch

With such little energy consumption, you would think that you would be giving up some power. However, EvenMix® produces 30 NM of torque, which is equivalent to 22 Ft. Lbs. That’s not the case. In fact, the majority of other mixers only produce 20 NM (15 Ft. Lbs.). That’s right, EvenMix® produces 50% more torque with only a third of the amount of energy. That’s what happens when we at EvenMix® set out to improve upon something.

We took the time to study every aspect of the mixers and find out what needed improvement. Our goal when we first started development was to bring to market a mixer that could outperform all others. We wanted something lightweight and energy-efficient that wouldn’t give up the power needed for the toughest mixing jobs. Our team had goals, which have been met and exceeded most of our customers’ expectations. While we have a very powerful, energy-efficient, affordable, and long-lasting mixer, many people can’t believe it hits every expectation and want on their list.

EvenMix® is Lightweight and Durable

The old mixers were very heavy. In fact, most were 25 – 100 lb heavy. This meant the operators would have to get a forklift to move them. However, because of the superior engineering, EvenMix® Mixers are only 9-12 lbs. This makes things much more straightforward for our workers and will help eliminate potential safety concerns.

Sure, our electric motors are some of the best and most efficient on the market, but let’s talk about our pneumatic motors, which use about 13CFM. The majority of other mixers on the market will use 30 CFM. This power generation is equivalent to electric 30 NM, whereas that of our competitors is only equivalent to 20 NM. Once again, only one-third of the energy was used, but the torque produced was increased by one-half. Pretty incredible, isn’t it? That is what happens when you have a powerful team of powerful engineers working for you.

Other Factors That Make EvenMix® Superior

Another important factor to consider when upgrading to an EvenMix® mixer is the fact that they are made in the USA. Both in terms of design and construction, as well as the research and development, are all done right here in the states. Our tote mixing systems were designed and developed in Cleveland, where they are also manufactured. We have been able to perfect our systems and make them the very best they can be with the assistance of an engineer who worked with NASA. You can’t go wrong when investing in an EvenMix® mixer for your industrial needs.

Mixer Energy Use

As you can see, not all industrial mixers are designed alike. When EvenMix® was first starting out, we knew there was a place in the market for improvement. Even at our humble beginnings, we didn’t realize how much improvement we could do. But, over time and research, we not only have found ways to take out the need for more power without compromising the strength of the mixer, but we also developed a patented blade design that will mix more evenly than ever before. No need to worry if the mixer will reach the very bottom or in the corners. Our blades will stir in a 3D fashion, allowing everything to stir together more evenly.

Advantages of Using EvenMix® Mixer

The EvenMix® Mixer is a robust device that is also lightweight and simple to operate. We built the mixing system to be durable enough to withstand even the most difficult mixing scenarios. We also took into account the weight, so at the same time that you are getting overwhelming power, you are also getting a lightweight mixer to move by a single person.  

The EvenMix® IBC Tote Mixer system is built to last, is highly effective, and can be relied upon. The design, which has won multiple awards, is the most efficient of its kind.

EvenMix® IBC Tote Mixers are constructed from reinforced steel and are designed to bear a force of 800-inch pounds. Powder Coat Epoxy, a type of coating utilized in the industry’s most demanding applications, has been applied to the 316 stainless steel. This steel has properties that allow it to not react chemically to the substances being mixed. Because EvenMix® is built to mix consistently throughout a batch, you can reduce the amount of raw material used and save money. This is because the materials are mixed evenly throughout the container.

The EvenMix® IBC Tote Mixer is built to ensure that materials are distributed uniformly throughout an IBC. Both the design and the contour of the mixing blades which are one-of-a-kind. They fold up to be able to fit through the opening of 6 inches, then unfold to uniformly distribute the contents of the IBC throughout the container.From the energy savings to the powerful motors, ease of use, and consistent mixing, you simply cannot go wrong with EvenMix®.

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