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Choosing the perfect industrial mixer for your needs involves weighing a number of factors. There are five of them to keep in mind, and each pertains to a different aspect of your mixing process. Let’s go through them one by one.

Tank Type

The very first thing to consider is the type of vessel that your unmixed fluids are in. Is it a tote? Or maybe you have your liquids stored in a drum or a pail? Each tank requires a specific mixer since the device needs to reach the bottom of it in order to mix everything thoroughly. The openings of each container are different as well.


Volume refers to the size of the container. We’ve briefly mentioned the tank type, but the size of that tank is important. Why? This is because the mixer needs to be powerful enough to handle a full tank while still reaching (and mixing) the liquid in every nook and cranny. Otherwise, you’ll end up with unmixed fluids at the bottom.


Mixers don’t just spin around the inside of the container. They move up and down as well, in order to thoroughly combine the liquids in the tote, drum, or pail. This is where density comes in. How dense are your liquids? Are they similar to water? Or are they a bit denser? You need to choose a mixer that can handle the density of your materials. 


How thick is the liquid that you’re mixing? Your chosen device must be powerful enough to tackle it without overheating or breaking down. Several of our models can handle compounds as viscous as peanut butter, so they’ll work nicely, but not every company makes mixers that powerful. The one that you currently have may not be meeting your needs.


Finally, the last question is – where are you mixing your liquid products? What are the power options? This can determine whether or not you need a mixer that runs on a direct power source or one that charges up but is cordless. What about your employees? Do you want the type of mixer that you can “set and forget” or one that needs to be directly supervised the entire time? These are important factors to consider.

Hopefully, this helps you determine which of our mixers you need. If you have more questions about our mixers or are unsure which model will best meet your needs, please contact EvenMix®. You can reach us at (440) 236-6677 or via the contact form on our website.