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The IBC Mixer by EvenMix® is the latest innovation in the mixing market.  With our unique mixed-flow blade, we offer superior mixing performance with a lightweight blade that mixes at low speeds and doesn’t introduce air into your product.

Nearly all mixers in the market today are heavy, requiring additional equipment like forklifts for installation, and don’t mix the entire IBC only a small portion since they only mix vertically.  Our engineering team, led by Dan, a former NASA scientist, created EvenMix®, a lightweight, easy to operate mixing system. You can install it easily with one person, get it up and running in minutes, and mix a large container– the entire container!

Today’s challenging organic fertilizer industry requires an advanced mixing systems – organic fertilizers are stored in 275 or 330 gallon IBC, or intermediate bulk containers, for a long time, sometimes over a year before use. They need to mix and keep solids prone to clumping in mixed in water.

Recently, we visited Good Nature Organic Lawn Care to test the EvenMix® IBC Mixer.  This video will show you how easy it is to mix heavy solutions with EvenMix®.


Mixing corn gluten is not easy, especially when it has settled for more than a year. As you can see, the corn gluten inside of the IBC is very thick.  It flows from the IBC but has a consistency of approximately 50,000 centipoise.  This is not currently a liquid that you can pump through a sprayer.

IBC Tote Mixing Blade
EvenMix® IBC Tote Mixer

In the video, you will be seeing that our product development engineer, Paul, installs the EvenMix® IBC mixer.  See how easy it is for him to carry the mixer.  The corn gluten is settled to the point that he has to push the mixer in for full installation.

Secure the mixer and screw it onto your IBC.  It fits both 275 and 330 gallon IBC’s.

Install the air hose with from 30 to 90 psi and 26 CFM.  At 90 psi and 26 CFM it will mix at 220 RPM.  You can slow the air motor by reducing pressure to nearly 40 RPM.  The EvenMix® will mix at very low speeds.

You can see the consistency of the corn gluten after mixing is complete (about 5 minutes later).  The corn gluten granules are thoroughly mixed with the water and the mixture flows freely.  What a difference!

The IBC Mixer by EvenMix® can mix your toughest solutions with a lightweight, easy to use motor at low speeds without introducing air into your product.

If reliable performance is something that you’re searching for, look no further.  Bring it on, we can mix it!  For more info please visit evenmix.com and see how we design and manufacture mixers with skilled labor in the US to solve your problems.