EvenMix Has Moved Locations. Current Assembly Lead Time: 5 - 6 Working Days

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4641 Spring Road Cleveland, OH 44131

Exclusive Look: EvenMix’s New Facility Sneak Peek

The vibrant city of Cleveland, Ohio, known for its industrious spirit and dynamic business landscape, is about to witness the beginning of an exciting new chapter for a homegrown innovator in the mixing technology sector.

EvenMix, established and led by the visionary Phil Rankin, has set the stage for its expansion by opening a cutting-edge facility at 4641 Spring Road, Cleveland, OH 44131.

In anticipation of the grand opening, Phil takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of the space that promises to be a breeding ground for efficiency, collaboration, and technological advancements.

As we step through its doors, we get a glimpse of what’s to come for the dynamic company known for its groundbreaking mixing solutions, including its advanced IBC tote mixer and drum mixers, which are revolutionizing the way various industries approach liquid mixing.

A New Home for Innovation and Collaboration

Upon entering the new EvenMix headquarters, visitors will be greeted not by a traditional whiteboard but by a dynamic display of EvenMix videos on a sleek TV screen. This subtle touch underscores its commitment to the latest technology and continuous improvement.

The offices, painted with the characteristic EvenMix colors, reflect the company’s brand identity, which is all about blending efficiency with quality using mixed blades designed to provide a superior mix for various applications across industries.

The facility’s layout is meticulously designed to foster creativity and functionality. A standout feature is the conference room, which boasts a glass garage door. This adds a contemporary twist to the workspace and facilitates a seamless flow of ideas.

Employees can look forward to gathering in a spacious kitchen area, a testament to EvenMix’s recognition of the importance of a collaborative and comfortable environment for its staff. This area, equipped with another TV, will serve as a hub for informal meetings and breaks, encouraging team bonding and discussions about mixer technology, pump technology, and how EvenMix mixers can be adapted for everything, from beverage mixing to other lightweight and heavy-duty applications.

The Heart of EvenMix Operations: Assembly and Manufacturing

Moving deeper into the facility, Phil reveals the dedicated room for producing EvenMix videos. This space shows how the company actively communicates with customers and stakeholders through rich, informative content. A small print and shipping area ensures that operations run smoothly. It handles the logistical aspects with ease.

Exclusive Look: EvenMix’s New Facility Sneak Peek

The core of EvenMix’s operations lies in the assembly area, where the magic happens. Here, intricate machining and occasional stamping occur, with spaces designated for “one-off” modifications, showcasing the company’s versatility to cater to unique customer needs. The assembly area, which is currently in transition, is set to be the backbone of the facility, enhancing EvenMix’s capabilities to deliver top-notch products, including its lightweight tote mixers and IBC mixers designed for a range of commercial containers for various industries.

As Phil guides us through the various storage and manufacturing rooms, it’s evident that space is not merely for storing inventory. It represents the potential for growth and the ability to take on bigger projects. The facility, complete with multiple shipping doors, is designed for efficiency, from production to distribution.

Embarking on a New Chapter

Phil Rankin’s tour of the new EvenMix facility concludes with an affirmation of the company’s bright future. The new space is not only a symbol of progress but a strategic move to better serve customers and accommodate a growing team. With improved assembly and testing areas, enhanced video production capabilities, and convenient access for both clients and employees, the new EvenMix headquarters will elevate the company to new heights.

Phil’s enthusiasm is palpable as he shares his vision for a more connected and efficient EvenMix. By keeping the community informed through regular video updates, he demonstrates an enduring commitment to transparency and customer engagement.

As the EvenMix family eagerly anticipates the completion of their new home, one thing is certain: this next chapter in their story is filled with promise and the ever-present drive to mix innovation with practicality.