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Few things are as exciting as watching a small business grow larger. Here at Even Mix, the demand in recent months had reached the point that we had to purchase new, dedicated machines. Our new machines – the TRAK TRL 1630SX and the TRAK DPM SX3P– will allow us to make our own parts. This greatly speeds up the process, while allowing us to stay in control of our ISO 9000 Quality Standards.

The TRAK TRL 1630SX has the ability to work in either manual or CNC modes. This dual capability allows our employees to handle many different types of parts. On top of this, CNC machining tends to cut down on time, while nothing beats the precision of creating parts in manual mode. The 1630SX, made by Southwestern Industries, Inc., allows for a mix of both high and low-volume work. This is handled thanks to the tooling indexer that comes with both 4 and eight station options. The machine also has a 16-inch swing over and has a 30-inch space between the centers. Overall, the 1630SX can run on four different types of software: G-code, ProtoTRAK conversation language, DXF converter, CAM, and Verify Matching Simulation, adding to its versatility.

The TRAK DPM SX3P This machine, the TRAK DPM SX3P is also made by Southwestern Industries, Inc. It’s a tabletop style machine that fits on a flat surface that measures 50-inches by ten inches. This machine also has a five horsepower spindle motor. The SX3P is able to run in CNC and manual modes, much like the 1630SX. However, both machines have very different uses. The SX3P is designed to create smaller batches of parts and can even handle one item at a time. This machine also has a 40 taper spindle, works on an X, Y, or Z axis, and had a multi-speed range of between 40 to 600 and 300 to 5,000 RPM.

What This Means for EvenMix®

We already went over some of the benefits – sticking to our strict quality standards and faster parts production. However, these new dedicated machines also open us up to new business. No company likes to tell their clients that they need to wait for much-needed parts or mixers, especially if it’s a new client. Now, we don’t have to. We can make our parts in-house, thanks to our new TRAK TRL 1630SX and TRAK DPM SX3P.