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Pinless mixing blade review is showed in the video below. We will be mixing mixing glycerin, an 1,100 centipoise liquid that is the same viscosity as most paints.

As you can see in the video, the mixing action is a result of the variable pitch EvenMix® blades which are designed to produce a vector that mixes liquids horizontally, vertically, and circumferentially. It works like a pump and cycles the liquid to every corner of the container. Please pay attention to the bottom  and how it is cleaned in about 10 seconds and stays clean. The liquid keeps circulating through the drum without a large vortex.

No Static Charge

Next we review how a static charge would be dissipated. Up through the mixer through the motor and to the drum. Static charge is not an issue.

Finally, we will show you how the EvenMix® pinless blade allows for the drum to flex under pressure or temperature changes. The EvenMix® has 3” clearance from the blade to the drum wall and 2” clearance from the rod to the bottom of the drum. The rod won’t buckle under pressure.

The EvenMix® pinless mixing blade has been tested in thick liquids and continues to demonstrate great mixing performance, it dissipates static charge, and has the necessary clearance to avoid contact with the drum while mixing or under a variety of circumstances.

We are ready to provide you a better mixing experience.  Contact us at EvenMix® where It IS rocket science!