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EvenMix®Founder & CEO, Phil Rankin is a guest on the Podcast – CEO Confidential.

When the pandemic hit, the world went into disarray. Phil Rankin, President of EvenMix®& Special Metal Stamping, shares his story of how he seized an opportunity that changed his company.


  • Be attentive to current events. Capitalize on challenges that are in high demand by pivoting your marketing strategy to target that market.
  • When shifting into a new market, be mindful of scalability. How can the company grow sustainably? What structures need to be in place to ensure growth?
  • Listen to the customer. Better pricing and new technologies can only go so far if the product is not applicable to the customer’s needs.
  • Trust your gut as a business owner. We are approached daily with new opportunities. Do not be afraid to take calculated risks.
  • Getting the right mix of resources committed to the return on investment expected is key to a great cost analysis. 

CEO Confidential is a podcast about the good, the bad and the ugly of launching and growing a business.  The host, Alex Gertsburg gets into it with CEOs and founders about the experiences that transformed them as leaders and the business “do-overs” they wish they could have and why.