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Three Must-See EvenMix® Products

EvenMix®, true to its name, makes industrial mixers of various types. We stand behind all of our products, but if we had to pick some favorites that we believe everybody must see, we’ll go with the Three Must-See EvenMix® Products here:

Three Must-See EvenMix® Products

1) Our Double Blade Drum Mixer

55 Gallon Drum Lid Mixer AgitatorOur Double Blade Drum Mixer is what we consider to be our signature product. It has one blade on the top and another on the bottom, hence the “double blade” in the name. The mixing blades are powder coasted to prevent whatever you’re mixing from sticking to them, and you can even attach the blades from the bottom of the drum with our special pinless system. When it’s in action, the top blade moves downwards, while the bottom one moves upwards, ensuring that you get an even mix every time. The blades themselves can handle up to 800 inch pounds of torque without putting any stress on them. It’s no wonder that we consider this to be the second of our must-see products.

2) Our Five and Ten Gallon Pail Mixer

EvenMix® Pail MixerYes, we put two items at number three, but that’s only because they both work so well and fall into the same product category. Our pail mixers are, of course, designed to mix things in pails, hence their names. They are made of the same powerful motors and non-stick blades as all of our products, and comes in both regular and super duty versions, ready to mix just about anything. Our pail mixers also let in less air while they’re mixing, stir evenly to ensure that your blend comes out perfect, and are more affordable than other companies’ versions. For this reason and many others, our pail mixers are placed at number three on our must-see products list.

3) The EvenMix® Air Motor

EvenMix® Air Motor for IBC Tote MixersThe EvenMix® Air Motor is the secret (well, not so secret anymore, since it’s listed on our website and discussed here) power behind all of our products. Ours is made by American Assembly Tools using our proprietary design. The air motor is the star of all our mixers, thanks to the 32 foot pounds of torque that it provides. It can produce up to .63 horse power at 80 pounds per square inch of air pressure. The air motor is why our mixers are so reliable and powerful, which is why it comes in at number one on our list.