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Things That Can Be Mixed With Our Mixers

The mixing devices that we produce at EvenMix® are very versatile. We’ve discussed some of the things that you can mix with them, including fertilizers and animal feed. However, there are some other things that our clients combine with our IBC mixers, pail mixers, polymer tote mixer, and drum mixers. Here are five of them.

Top 5 Things That Can Be Mixed


If you need to mix large amounts of paint – that is, more than a gallon at a time for commercial purposes – then one of our mixers will meet your needs. For example, if you have a five or ten-gallon pail of paint, then our regular duty pail mixer works nicely. This one is designed for light aggregates, slurries, and most importantly, liquids. It will thoroughly mix your paint.



There are some commercial applications for adhesives. These range from construction projects, where large amounts of tile adhesive need to be combined at once, to some of the processes involved in creating rubber and other polymers. Our mixers are designed to handle up to 800-inch pounds of force meaning that they can take on even the toughest batch of liquid adhesive.

Polymer Tote Mixer
Polymer Tote Mixer


Slurries are loosely defined as any mixture that consists of small hard particles of a pulverized solid that are combined with a liquid. Concrete is one of the best examples, although there are many other types of slurries. If you plan on combining slurries, any one of our mixers will suffice. It all depends on what type of container your mixture is in.


Yes, even batches of cosmetics need to be properly mixed. Many of them start out in liquid form before they are molded. Lipsticks, foundations, and even eyeliners are made this way, although the latter two tend to stay in their original liquid formats. Our IBC tote mixers are lightweight and reliable. They can mix your batches of cosmetics quickly and easily.

Water Treatment Chemicals

Water treatment plants need a particular chemical mixture to function properly. The exact mixture of chemicals depends on the water conditions, so they are often custom mixes of chemicals that are measured and combined on the spot. Our mixers are great for this purpose, particularly our pinless drum mixers. We have both single and double blade varieties, thus ensuring that none of the chemicals will be leftover at the bottom of the drum.