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Although an IBC Bridge is not always required, there are two key advantages to using this device.

To begin, the IBC bridge allows you to view and observe what you’re mixing while it’s being mixed. Every IBC is translucent, making it difficult to see what’s happening inside. The 6″ aperture at the top of the IBC bridge allows you to view exactly what is going on inside.

The second key advantage is adding ingredients and taking samples while mixing. The bridge allows you to add extra liquids, solids, and powders or take samples while mixing. For example, you may begin combining with a basic component like water and then gradually put more ingredients down the 6-inch hole while mixing.

Our customers have greatly enjoyed the EvenMix® IBC bridge for both of these advantages. The bridge, like everything else we do, can be transported from tote to total, is easy to manipulate, and is lightweight. If you have any questions concerning the bridge or EvenMix®, please give us a call! We’d be happy to assist you!

What is the EvenMix® IBC Bridge?

The EvenMix® IBC Tote Bridge is compatible with all common IBC Tote sizes. It is strong and lets you see your mixture and add material while it is mixing. It includes two strong handles that can be attached to the IBC cage for a secure mix. This bridge attaches to the IBC cage and maintains the level of your mixer regardless of how wavy the IBC bottle has grown. Your operators will appreciate the design’s adaptability and lightweight.

EvenMix® IBC Tote Mixer

The EvenMix® IBC Tote Mixer is dependable, efficient, and lightweight.

Because they are reusable, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) can see many liquids that require correct mixing in a short period of time. While other companies in the mixing and mixing blade products sector may claim that their blades are the most efficient at mixing pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, paints, and other materials.

When creating new mixing blades and other mixing items, our management team prioritizes quality and handling first and foremost. So, of course, we considered and put out those ideas and efforts when designing our IBC tote mixer. We utilized unique technology that only you’ll find in the EvenMix® mixer. This technology can only be found here! That’s right. We are ahead of the competition in many ways with our EvenMix® drum mixer. 

More on EvenMix® Tote Mixer

With the EvenMix® flow blade as part of the tote mixer’s design, liquids will be vertically mixed like never before. The contents of the IBC will be evenly mixed thanks to the proprietary technology we utilize for the IBC tote mixer. Why is this the case? Our mixed-flow blade has been created for mixing everything from chemicals to food and incorporates NASA-based innovation for optimum mixing performance. It is, indeed, rocket science!

While the EvenMix® IBC tote mixer will not take you into space, it does boast power. Other heavy-duty features of this mixing blade include total flexibility and a 6/10 HP air motor. The motor of this IBC tote mixer can be changed from tote to tote for the operator, or the operator can use numerous EvenMix® tote mixers with a single motor. Our management team kept everyone’s mixing needs in mind when building this complex tool.

Furthermore, our IBC tote mixer is not only easy to operate, but it is also simple to install for inexperienced operators. The entire tote mixer equipment weighs only nine pounds and can be quickly installed in an IBC. All that is required of the operator is to insert the blade and screw in the IBC’s associated lid. Furthermore, our IBC tote mixer fits easily into a six-inch aperture of an IBC, allowing our newest mixing device to be used in even the smallest of openings. Unlike other mixing firms, the EvenMix® tote mixer does not require any additional gear.

More on the EvenMix® Mixing Capabilities

If dependable performance is what you’re looking for, look no further. The EvenMix® IBC Tote Mixer has been tested to 50,000 cps. For about 3 minutes, we mixed a sludge that had the consistency of mustard. This IBC had been sitting for over a year and was very settled. However, our powerful mixer was up for the challenge, and in only 3 minutes, everything was mixed consistently. Bring it on. We’ll shake it up!

Whatever vertical mixing you need to be done, EvenMix® has you covered. Our patented blad design will blow other mixers out of the water. All of our mixing components, including the mixed flow blade and the air motor, are proudly made in the United States. Not only will the EvenMix® tote mixer outperform comparable instruments, but you’ll want to “tote” its mixing blade everywhere.

What Makes EvenMix® Unique

EvenMix® creates circulation by utilizing a large surface blade that is custom-designed to our exact specifications. Looking at the evaluations our customers have written, you’ll discover that this blade mixes like no other on the market. We have patented this blade technology to ensure that we can consistently serve our clients with great mixers.

Both the design and the manufacture of our mixers are made in the United States. When you buy an EvenMix® mixer, you can rest assured that it will be delivered on time. There is no need to be concerned about getting stopped in customs. Another advantage of Made in the USA is that you can contact us anytime for assistance. We know our mixers and can help if there is a problem. There is no communication gap or significant time difference to be concerned about.

Our customer service, manufacturing, and design are all based in the United States. This enables us to deliver a superior product that will have everyone on board in terms of quality. Our tote mixing systems were created and developed in Cleveland, and they are also produced there. We were able to perfect our systems and make them the finest they could be. This was truly accomplished with the assistance of a NASA engineer! Our tote mixers’ lifespan and robustness are two of our company’s most valuable assets.

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