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The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) monitors how cosmetics are manufactured in the United States. Their regulations extend to how the base ingredients are mixed and stored before they’re turned into things like lipsticks and eye shadow. On top of this, the FDA keeps an eye on cosmetics manufacturing equipment. What does this have to do with EvenMix®TM? Our mixers are part of that equipment!

FDA Cosmetics Regulations

According to the FDA documents, all cosmetics manufacturing equipment must be sanitary. It’s not allowed to splash the ingredients all over the factory, even when that makeup is getting mixed. Every ingredient needs to be properly stored in containers that aren’t on a factory floor. 

These regulations also extend to employees. The FDA mandates that they must be properly trained in both how to mix cosmetics, as well as on how to handle the raw ingredients. Since most types of cosmetics are made from a proprietary mixture of these ingredients, the employees also need to know how to properly combine them.

Other Regulations

Although the FDA limits their regulations to sanitary conditions and chemical compounds, cosmetics companies must adhere to OSHA rules as well. OSHA, also known as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has instructions in place regarding employee movements. For example, they mandate that employers can’t require their workers to do a number of heavy lifting activities that involve twisting motions from the waist. This means that those cosmetics companies need to keep an eye on the exact movements made by their employees, lest they get fined.

The EvenMix®TM Advantage

How can an EvenMix®TM mixer help your cosmetics company adhere to these rules? Well, our mixers are lightweight and easy to move around. They’re designed to fit into totes, pails, and buckets, all of which these companies use to hold their ingredients and their cosmetics blends. Since our mixers are lightweight and designed to mix every inch of the product, cosmetics companies are able to follow the rules set in place by both the FDA and OSHA. Our splash proof mixing devices can handle cosmetics blends with ease.

The cosmetics industry is just one of the many that use EvenMix®TM mixers. Thanks to our proprietary devices, their employees adhere to OSHA rules. The even mixing (no pun intended) done by our products helps these businesses follow FDA regulations as well.