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EvenMix® set out to change up the mixing industry. We wanted to bring to market something revolutionary and impress those using our mixers. Our team studied what was needed in this sector and how things could improve. We have four major types of mixers we offer, which are:

  • IBC Tote Mixers
  • Drum Mixers
  • Clamp Mount Mixers
  • Tank Mixers

While there are only four, we have various options, such as electric or pneumatic, and different numbers of blades.  EvenMix®’s goal was to ensure that we covered all the bases when it came to producing a mixer that can mix thoroughly and evenly and give our clients the very best results  We have achieved that, and so many have changed to using our brand because of the dependability, reliability, and ease of use, not to mention they are pretty affordable in comparison.

The EvenMix® Solution

Mixing products such as a tote mixer, IBC tote Mixers, drum mixers, and more are an important part of the manufacturing process. It’s crucial that the ingredients are mixed evenly and correctly to produce a quality product. With EvenMix®, you can achieve consistent results and improved yields with an innovative design that ensures even mixing.

The easy-to-use controls allow you to adjust your speed and time settings accurately. Furthermore, the robust construction ensures a safe environment for your workers. 

With EvenMix®, you’re getting a cost-effective solution that delivers superior results. So why wait? Get started today and see how EvenMix® can help improve your manufacturing process!

Wide World of EvenMix® inner

Shipping Our EvenMix®ers Worldwide!

We have extensive experience shipping all around the United States, and our headquarters are located in Cleveland, Ohio. We have shipped to almost all 50 states. If you are located in the US, we make it easy to get one of our mixers into your hands. Our team is there to answer any questions or concerns you might have and determine the best mixer for your facility. We work in a variety of industries, such as:

  • Polymer Adhesive and Resin
  • Water Treatment
  • Mining, gas, and oil 
  • Lawn care 
  • Paint and Ink coatings
  • Chemicals
  • Personal Care and CBD
  • Agriculture
  • Beverage
  • More

Our tote mixers have been shipped to California, Texas, Hawaii, and even further than that.  However, did you know that we ship internationally? That’s right. We can provide our mixers to those around the world who need a great, reliable tote or drum mixer. Our team is ready to ensure that you have everything you need to get started. Furthermore, we can even work with you to retrofit and meet the demands of customs and local laws. The mixer will arrive ready to plug in and use!

Wide World of EvenMix®

International Shipments

Our mixers have been exported worldwide and even to our neighbors up north in Canada. We have shipped to the eastern provinces of Quebec and Ontario to the west shore of British Columbia and across the Canadian Rockies in Alberta. Our mixers have made their way to locations with mild climates, such as Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, which are both in the Caribbean  Furthermore, we have shipped mixers to a number of nations in South and Central America, including Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Venezuela, and Chile.

We are quite pleased with how successfully our team at EvenMix® has tailored our mixers to the many local markets we serve. We are continually working to produce new products to cater to the numerous requirements imposed by the laws and customs of different nations.

EvenMix® has made its way across the Atlantic Ocean to several countries in Europe. These countries include England, France, Finland, and the Netherlands, Even in places like the United Arab Emirates and Australia, where mining corporations are located. We have mixers running and doing their jobs around the world.

EvenMix® is Evolving

EvenMix® has assisted customers from inside and outside the United States with significant success. Our company would be happy to assist you with your next undertaking that calls for an even and homogenous mix.

We have substantial experience addressing a wide range of problems, in addition to our rapid year-over-year expansion. Our products are always improving, and we are always working to ensure that our mixers are the best on the market. Check out our website and give us a call if you’re interested in learning more or have any questions. We would be happy to assist you in any way possible to help you improve your mixing capabilities.

Call EvenMix® Today

The advantages of using EvenMix® are clear. It offers superior mixing capabilities, improved yields, and cost-effective solutions that can help to boost your productivity and reduce labor costs. With its robust construction and easy-to-use controls, EvenMix® is the perfect choice for industrial processes. So don’t wait – contact us today to find out how EvenMix® can help you improve your production process!