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Planetary Gear Set

What are Planetary Gear Sets

Planetary Gear Sets The Even Mix™ tote and drum mixer is powered with either electricity or air. It has a powerful motor that is designed to mix containers evenly and thoroughly with it’s patented design. An important part of their air and electric drive design are planetary gear sets. Planetary gears are gears that rotate Read more about What are Planetary Gear Sets[…]

Air Motor for IBC Tote Mixers

Proper Care for Even Mix™ Air Motors

Like all of the other machinery in your factory, warehouse, or farm, your air motors need to be properly maintained. The process of caring for your air motors is much less complicated than it seems, as long as you’re aware of the specifications and standards required. We’ll break them down for you here.  Lubricating Your Read more about Proper Care for Even Mix™ Air Motors[…]

Adhesive Mixing 101

Adhesive Mixing If you’ve ever tried to mix an adhesive, such as two-part epoxy, by hand, then you know how difficult the process can be. After all, you need to get everything blended properly in order for the adhesive to work properly – and that doesn’t even take into account the proportions of the various Read more about Adhesive Mixing 101[…]