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Closed Head Drum Mixer

Drums come in a few different forms. Some have an open head that can be removed and completely expose the top of the material, allowing our EvenMix® to be inserted directly to mix the liquid. We offer the perfect EvenMix® Lid Mixer for this sort of opening. We have a new EvenMix® Closed Head Drum Mixer that has the largest folding blades on the market.  It inserts through the lid (2” bung opening) and the blades expand to 16”! It’s the same patented blade design that you count on EvenMix® to deliver and now amazingly through a 2” opening!

There are even a couple of options to choose from for your mixing needs. Both designs come with a 16″ patented blade with a center bung mount and are powered by either air or electricity. Our patented design is to mix within the drum from all angles to give a nice and even mix. The closed head drum mixer is lightweight and easily moved from drum to drum by just one person. And, it is very dependable and reliable as the gearbox is made from nothing but top of the line metal components. Yes, we had thought of just about everything when we made our EvenMix® mixer.

Closed Head Drum Mixer

A closed head drum is where there is only a 2″ hole at the top of the drum. It can present a problem for some mixers, but not the EvenMix® mixer. We have designed our mixer so that it will easily fit into this small opening. The blades are 16″ which are some of the largest on the market, as most are only 5″.  This allows for a better mix within the drum and a better outcome overall. This style of the mixer has a simple mounting clamp for the air or electric drives. It is easily moved from one drum to the next by one person as it is made to be low weight but yet very effective.  

Our goal was to make closed head drum mixers that actually, well, mix! There are so many drum mixers out there that simply do not do a good job. And, some materials really need proper mixing to be effective. There is always the old-style mixing, as well, such as rolling the barrel on the floor or on a cart. However, this is probably the worst method of them all.   

EvenMix® Drum Mixer

Closed Head Drum Mixer
Closed Head Drum Mixer

Getting your product that is in a drum mixed effectively and efficiently has never been easier. If you are only working with a 2″ hole, that is not a problem! Our new patented design was created for just this dilemma. We understand the mixing needs of our clients and are working hard to bring them amazing solutions that will outperform and outlast what they are currently using. Our mixers work with the sides of the drum to ensure EvenMix® throughout. We have worked extensively on the gearing of this mixer, as well. Our engineers take great pride in the gearbox of the motor and its ability to mix all different types of materials with ease. It was designed to last and be easy enough for one person to move from barrel to barrel.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our EvenMix® closed head drum mixers, be sure to ask. We are proud of our innovative technology and are happy to talk to you about it.