Mixing in Drums

There are many ways to mix in drums. However, not all the mixing ways are sufficient enough for the job. Things such as rolling the drums, air mixing, and bung insert mixers are some of these options. When you are looking to mix the liquid inside a drum, you need to understand to what degree do you need the contents mixed. Some materials and applications don’t need super accurate mixing. However, most do. That is why we offer the most effective mixer on the market today. When it comes to a quality mixer, you need something dependable and user-friendly. The Even Mix ™ Drum Mixer offers just these features and more.

Rolling drum mixer

A Rolling drum mixer is a somewhat effective but easy way to mixing in drums. Essentially it is just rolling the drum around. This can be done by placing the drum on the floor and rolling it to the desired location. As the drum rolls, it will mix the contents inside. This is not a super-effective way to blend what is inside the drum, but for some materials, it may be all that you need.

Air Mixing

Air mixing in drums is well just that, mixing with air. Air mixing is excellent, but it doesn’t get down in the corners of the barrel. The edges tend to get left out. And, well, you are injecting air into your materials, which can cause unwanted bubbles in the materials as well. This is a form of mixing that works for some materials, but it is not the best choice.

Bung inserted mixing in Drums
Bung inserted mixing in Drums

Bung inserted mixers

Bung mixing in drums is a method to mix materials inside a drum, as well. However, they are not very effective, run at high speeds, and cause temperature issues. These mixers run at high speeds and quite often run a high shear rate due to high speed. Typically they have a tiny and ineffective blade on them that turns the material.

The Even Mix™

The Even Mix™ Drum Mixer is a mixer that is designed to do the max amount of mixing in drums as possible. It has a patented 15″ center blade that unfolds once inside the drum. It mixes evenly without adding a lot of air or whipping action. The design of this mixer is for one purpose, and that is to mix effectively. Our mixer gets all the material mixed even and effectively, even the corners and edges. If it is essential to have a nice even mix than you should be looking at the Even Mix™ Drum Mixer to do the job.  

When working with liquid materials, there is a lot of materials with various viscosities. It is crucial to have a mixer that can handle these various materials adequately. The Even Mix ™ Drum Mixer is designed for just this purpose, and its low weight makes for easy portability. We wanted a mixer that was effective, easy to use, and easy to move. Our patented design can be moved by just one person. There is no need for heavy equipment to move the mixer from barrel to barrel. And they are easy to use as well. 

Our gearbox has been redesigned to give you maximum power and the very best quality that lasts for mixing in drums. Take a look at the Even Mix™ Drum Mixer today.