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Clamp Mount Mixer for Any Container

Many mixer users have been searching for the perfect clamp mounted mixers to fit all their needs. However, many of the standard clamp mount mixers on the market today are known to be heavy, inefficient, and/or expensive. At EvenMix®, we are changing the game with our innovative Clamp Mount Mixer.

We have designed a Clamp Mount that attaches easily onto open containers of various shapes and sizes. Our robust engineering assures customers of long-lasting quality and high-powered execution. We pride ourselves on developing lightweight mixers and drives that require less strain to operate than others. With the help of a NASA Engineer, we have been able to perfect our mixing technology and provide our customers with the best mixing experience.

An Innovation in Clamp Mount Mixers

Our Clamp Mount Mixer is compatible with our air and electric drives and works especially well with our newest Digital Drive. We manufacture custom shafts to fit the size of your tank. Our patented EvenMix® blades mix materials in 3D. 

The blades expand to 16” in diameter once the mixing process begins. The strong pumping action moves all materials around the container in multiple directions, creating a thorough mix. The blades work to mix all around the container, even in the corners and crevices. We have tested all kinds of suspensions and substances in our mixers and found that our variable pitch blades mix up to 2,000 cps. 

Even mix New From EvenMix®- The Clamp Mount Mixer

How to Use the Open Tank Clamp Mount Mixer

As said before, many clamp mounts are difficult to use due to the nature of their design. We have extensively researched the pain points of these mixers and took action to solve them through our technological developments. 

When working with an open-top container, the EvenMix® Clamp Mount is attached to the side of the container with the shaft and blades placed into the mixture. Attaching the clamp is simple and easy since our air and electric drives only weigh 9 and 12 pounds, respectively. The clamp secures tightly with some tightening and adjustments. 

Using our new Electric Geared Digital Drive, the variable speed control ranges from levels 1 to 20. The slow start mode can be used to gradually build up the mixing process if needed. The digital speed control can go from 40 to 150 RPM in a matter of seconds. Once mixing is complete, the clamp can be removed and transported with ease.

Even mix New From EvenMix®- The Clamp Mount Mixer

Diverse Mixing Features are the Future of Industrial Mixing

EvenMix®’s solution is simple, with fewer parts and even fewer things that can potentially go wrong. Plus, users can mix and match their drives with the mixers or the drum they are using. It is a flexible system that pays dividends for many businesses in terms of time, energy saved, and a favorable outcome of the mixed solution.  

Furthermore, EvenMix®’s superior customer support for tote agitators or mixers is second to none. Everything from replacement blades to drives and supporting parts are easily available. So, businesses save time and consequently money by choosing a company that manufactures and designs all their own stuff.

We continue to work with our customers after their initial purchase to ensure that each of our products continue to work properly. Take a look at some of our previous articles and informational mixing videos. Make your mixing as easy as possible with our newest innovations.