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We are looking for distributors!

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About EvenMix®

We have the only patented mixing blade on the market.  With our former NASA engineers we designed a variable pitch mixing blade that creates circulation and a True 3D Mixing Experience versus the “stirring” that you get from most blades on the market.  We have combined our revolutionary mixing blade with industry leading electric and air drives.  We have the lowest weight mixers available (12 total pounds for electric and 9 total pounds for air).  We make it easy for your employees and customers to use EvenMix® in a variety of containers.

We Keep Innovating

At EvenMix® one of our core values is to continuously innovate for the benefit of our customers and our manufacturing process.  We get our best ideas from our customers and distributors.  By keeping our minds and ears open we use the experience level that our customers, distributors, and employees have.  We enjoy new product development and want to foster ideas that originate in the field.  The most rewarding challenges are issues that result in improved efficiency and performance in the field.  New and promising liquids and compounds are being developed daily.  It is our job to ensure that they are mixed evenly and completely without altering the chemical makeup.

We Are Growing

We grew EvenMix® out of a customer need and a solution through product development.  Our patented mixing blade was born from the stamping presses of Special Metal Stamping and our planetary gears and air motors were technology from our sister company American Assembly Tools.  We grew EvenMix® out of two previous companies and leverage our R&D Engineer, Dan’s, extensive experience with electric motors  and mechanical engineering at NASA to develop our product family of electric and air mixers.  Other mixer companies purchase all the components overseas.  We design, manufacture, and assemble them in the Midwest of the United States.  It’s easier to innovate when your supply chain doesn’t stretch around the world.  We have doubled our sales every year since 2015 driven by our revolutionary mixing blade design, innovation lead product development, and commitment to helping our customers improve their mixing performance.  Join us on our Journey!