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EvenMix® Introduces the Digital Geared Drive

Digital Electric Geared Drive

EvenMix® is excited to present its newest innovation: the Digital Geared Drive. We have perfected our new digital mixing system in order to fit the needs of all customers. The Digital Drive is lightweight and portable, coming in at only 12 pounds. It mixes efficiently using our patented 3D mixing blades with a variable pitch. Low energy consumption is essential, so the Digital Drive has been made to consume only 4 Amps max at 120 V. In addition, we developed high-quality technology to ensure the Digital Drive is dust and water-resistant. The new digital display allows you to control your mix with ease and accuracy. No mixer on the market performs quite like the EvenMix® Digital Drive.

Developing the Digital Drive

Since EvenMix® began, we’ve noticed recurring drawbacks to many mixers on the market. High energy consumption, poor mixing performance, and extremely heavy, to name a few issues. We have worked extensively to solve these problems by developing innovative technology and adhering to our core values. Our extensive testing has allowed us to manufacture the perfect drive with the most efficient mixing capabilities. Every feature of the Digital Drive has been developed with a purpose. We strive to make sure that everything we do here at EvenMix® has a purpose.

Using the Digital Drive

Our mission has always been to make it as easy as possible for our customers to mix their solutions. The Digital Drive is powerful yet easy to use with a 150:1 gear reduction and 135 RPM. No need for a forklift, you’ll only need one person to complete the job. We designed our Mixed Flow Blades to ensure there is an even distribution of materials throughout the mixture. The blades fold inward to fit through the opening of the mixing container and expand outward once mixing begins. The variable pitch of the blades stands out in comparison to any other mixing blades. Thanks to our NASA engineer, these blades are strong and efficient. They pump the mixture in multiple directions, creating what we call a 3D mix. 

The drive itself is simplistic in design and reliable in tough conditions. The variable speed control ranges from levels 1 to 20, allowing for more user control. These can be easily adjusted using the plus and minus buttons. Included on the digital panel is a slow start mode, which is a useful option for speeding up the mixing process gradually. Unlike other electric drives, the EvenMix® Digital Geared Drive is water and dust-resistant. Now you can mix in rough conditions without having to worry.

Get the Advantages of EvenMix®

Whether you are working in agriculture, polymers, food/beverage, paint/coatings and beyond, EvenMix® will always produce the most uniform mixture. Our new Digital Drive makes it even easier, no matter what you may be mixing. Our newly redesigned website features our mixing systems compatible with the drive. Contact us and let us make your mixing experience as easy and cost-effective as possible.