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EvenMix® Patents

Even Mix doesn’t just make mixers that are highly efficient and have a number of applications – our mixers also use patented technology! Yes, you read that right. At the end of 2017, we officially received a U.S. patent on our proprietary mixing technology.

What the Process Entailed

We originally filed the patent paperwork back in 2013. It was a lengthy process that involved describing what our mixers looked like and how they worked. The main point wasn’t just to illustrate their usefulness, but also what made them special and deserving of a patent. We had to submit diagrams of each part. As you can see, once everything was submitted, there was a four-year wait for approval. All of that waiting paid off on December 26, 2017, when the patent was approved. We always knew that our mixers were special, and now we have legal proof that they are.

EvenMix® IBC Tote Mixers Blade
EvenMix® Patented Mixing Blade

What Makes EvenMix® Special
The two main parts of the patent application are the design itself. One focuses on a physical description, which points out the angles of the mixing blades and how they rotate. The other section of the application makes it clear that this technology was adapted, in a way, from the aerospace turban power industry. How EvenMix® blades turn makes this evident. However, although we were inspired by that aerospace technology, our mixers are unique enough to deserve their own patents. There also was a testing phase, in which we illustrated the many different compounds and materials that the EvenMix® Agitation System could handle. These include everything from corn gluten to soybean oil and glycerin, and of course, water. This proved that our mixers could handle a diverse amount of liquids.

What Does This Mean For Us?
In short, it means that we can continue innovating. Now that we’ve been through the patent process and know what it entails, we won’t be in for any surprises the next time we go to patent one of our new creations (whenever that occurs.) It also means that our clients can rest assured knowing that they are officially purchasing and using patented technology every time they buy or connect one of our mixers. Whether they prefer to use a drum mixer, an IBC tote mixer, or a pail mixer, they know that they chose to utilize patented technology. Why don’t you give it a try?